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Justin Jay Featured On NEST HQ's 'In The Nest' Series [Video]

Being a college student requires just as much time and effort as a full-time job would. Justin Jay, a Dirtybird favorite, recently stopped by NEST HQ in Los Angeles to discuss what it’s like to balance college life, music production, and touring. Over the past few months, he wowed crowds at TomorrowWorld and HARD Summer.

The video opens with Jay playing classical piano, which he goes on to tell us that is how he was originally musically trained. He comes from a musical family; classical influences on his mom’s side, and soul & funk music from his father. Growing up in this environment taught him to dig into older music for inspiration. On his Facebook page, he even lists Sergei Rachmaninoff as one of his influences.

Watch the video below!

After winning a DJ contest sponsored by DJ Mag in 2010, he’s been all over the Los Angeles underground scene. Jay just entered his senior year at University of Southern California, and it’s looking like he’s got quite the post-grad job lined up for him. In the video, he tells us that he occassionally finds himself writing essays for class as he flies from city to city to play shows around the country. Going to school for music opens doors to a whole slew of musical influences that he is grateful to have access to.

Some artists have a very specific method they use when producing new music. Jay’s creative process dismisses any sort of cookie cutter notion. He knows that he has a lot of great ideas in his mind and claims he “throws everything at the wall and sees what sticks.”  He lets his music come to its own and plays around with his own ideas until it’s where he wants it to be. His music pushes people’s taste and exposes them to new sounds. It's going to be exciting watching him develop as a producer in the future.

Written by Ascia Johnson

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