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Martin Garrix & Madeon Named To Billboard's '21 Under 21'

Madeon and Martin Garrix have officially been named to Billboard's 21 Under 21 list. Madeon came in at #14, and Garrix is ranked #4. They are the only EDM representatives on the 21 Under 21 List. Lorde tops the list, and Justin Bieber is right above Garrix at #3.

Madeon gained popularity following his viral “Pop Culture” video, which was published to YouTube on July 7th, 2011. Years before the video came to fruition, Madeon had producing music at the ripe age of 11. When he first started out, he composed trance under the name “DJ Deamon.” In 2010, he began composing house music under "Madeon,” an anagram of his previous stage name. Since he became Madeon, he has released The City EP, produced three tracks for Lady Gaga, and even contributed to Coldplay's Ghost Stories album. We've been impatiently waiting for his debut album to come out, and it's supposed to be released before the end of the year. It's incredible to think that the kid who created the viral "Pop Culture" YouTube video has been recognized by Billboard as one of the world's most promising young stars.

Garrix is one of the most polarizing producers in the world. Many die-hard EDM fans hate on his because of his popularity and the simplicity of his tracks. However, his catchy tunes are exactly what has propelled him to Top 40 radio and international fame. It's truly amazing to see a house producer at #4 on the 21 Under 21 list. To be fair, when Garrix produced "Animals," it was not for a mainstream radio audience in mind. But as time went on, the public fell in love with simple one-note festival drops, and Garrix has benefited greatly.

When we sat down with Garrix at Coachella, he acknowledged that the "Animals" type of music was getting old: "I'm going in a different direction myself. I'm going to stop with the subkick that 'Animals' and 'Tremor' has in a few months. After 'Tremor,' I have a track with Afrojack coming up that's kind of a subkick tune. Following that, I'm going to do more mellow stuff." It'll be interesting to see how Garrix grows--especially with outlets like Billboard putting his name alongside Lorde and Bieber. 

Before the age of 21, Madeon and Martin Garrix have each put together careers that most musicians would dream of. Now, we'll have to see how the producers improve upon what they've done. If they do, they have the potential to become legends. 

Written by Ashley Feldman

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