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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 27

Volume 27 is flooded with a myriad of radioactive drops.

Over the past few months, it has been brought to our attention that five dirty drops just aren't quite enough. In order to supply you with the filthiest dubstep from the best and brightest names in the industry, we have made the executive decision to adjust this ongoing segment to include 10 tracks total (beginning with Volume 28). When I found myself rejecting names like AFK ("Ruthless"), Adair & Omegamode ("God Code"), Namzie ("This Is War"), and Aweminus (his entire GBus EP), it was pretty obvious that something needed to be done to rectify the situation.

In regards to Vol. 27, instead of viewing these songs in the order they are listed, we prefer that you view them as five seperate #1's. Each tune below is beyond qualified to satisfy all of the requirements that you look for in a standard dirty drop. So hop to it, because these nasty drops aren't going to play themselves.

5. Max Headroom & Animate - Shake It

Either I must be dreaming or Max Headroom & Animate really did set a date for the release of the legendary “Shake It.” Having already experienced a fair share of exposure in live sets from producers like FuntCase, this bulletproof tune now turns its focus to tearing up every piece of available furniture in your household. For your speakers own safety, I would advise covering them in bubble wrap or packing peanuts prior to allowing these drops to have their way with them. Things could get ugly really quick. Luckily, I can rest easy knowing that the vast majority of you have developed a higher than average tolerance for encountering unusually filthy dubstep. While there might not be a full-length version of this banger available yet, this clip proves to be more than ample.

4. TrollPhace - Special Sounds Are Special

Whenever a new TrollPhace song hits the airwaves, there is a good chance that I am not lurking very far behind, and this was precisely the case when “Special Sounds Are Special” was initially brought to my attention. After holding down our #1 spot a couple weeks ago with his savage remix of Getter & Trampa’s “Bonesaw,” Mr. Phace swings by with another beastly track that is sure to make your body feel like it has just been jammed into a trash compactor. Break out the party hats and noisemakers, because there has literally never been a better reason to celebrate. Drops like these two don’t just appear out of the blue, they take time, effort, and an undying commitment to mass destruction. There is nothing quite like the treasure trove of bass that is TrollPhace.

3. Aweminus - IJDGAF VIP

I feel like a kid in a candy store today. When Aweminus wandered into the store with this VIP of “IJDGAF,” he completely shattered every glass jar & display case in the darn place. As candy carelessly spilled out onto the floor, I continued to dance despite the absurd amount of sticky substances keeping my feet firmly cemented to the ground. It almost felt as if I was fighting through dubstep quicksand. The harder I tried to escape, the further I sunk into this bass-heavy assailant. After first surfacing in Excision’s Shambhala Mix 2014, this song has gone on to slay unsuspecting sets of ears all around the globe. Equipped with a lethal pairing of tommy gun drops, it would be considered nothing short of a minor miracle if you walked away from this violent tune entirely unscathed. Aweminus is out for blood - think you got what it takes to survive?

2. AFK - On The Floor (Ft. Messinian) (Dion Timmer Remix)

Another alum from Excision’s Shambhala 2014 Mix has locked down a slot on this week’s extra spicy rundown. Dion Timmer is far from your average teenager. While most kids his age are concerned with the day-to-day rigors of high school, this youngster spends most of his time whipping up the kind of bass tracks that put you in an unbreakable headlock. Some of you will also notice that his remix of AFK’s “On The Floor” falls under the description of drumstep, and not dubstep. But look people, I’m not here to split hairs, I’m here to present you with the grimiest audio on this side of the moon. So while the BPM’s might vary slightly, please realize that this track’s dynamite drops are equally dirty to 100% of the material I’ve previously shared. You can expect to see the name Dion Timmer pop up with much more frequency from here on out.  

1. MUST DIE! - Gem Shards

Besides being one of Skrillex’s favorite songs of 2014 (as evidenced by the fact that he has been closing out set after set with it), “Gem Shards” is also one of my top tunes from the past year as well. Can we all just agree that nobody does dubstep bigger and better than MUST DIE!? The only downside is that his brand new Death & Magic LP on OWSLA didn’t include more of it. Having said that, I understand a musician’s desire to expand their boundaries and push their limits, and that is clearly the purpose that this particular release served. Regardless of your thoughts on this producer's first studio album, you would have to be fairly clueless to neglect this one of a kind bass whooping. MUST DIE! has been a major component in dubstep’s evolution, and with drops like these, it’s easy to see why.

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