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EDM.com Spotlight

A Halloween Rave For 6-Year-Olds Is Actually Happening

Calling all kandi kids – literally.

New York City’s premier kid-centric EDM event company is hosting a Halloween extravaganza. If you haven’t heard, CirKiz is an event company dedicated to bringing the creative and artistic aspects of raves to the rising generation. CirKiz transforms New York’s exclusive nightclubs into fitting daytime parties for kids between the ages of 6-12.

Since raves can embody many qualities of your childhood, the creators of CirKiz focus to highlight these aspects including bright colors, fun music, and hours of dancing. On October 26th, the VIP Room in the Meatpacking District will host a daytime rave for six-year-olds from 1pm-5pm, although all ages are welcome if accompanied by an adult. What is essentially a next level Kidz Bop, CirKiz will deliver a genuine yet appropriate clubbing experience for the youth of our generation.

The event features multiple DJ sets from Natalie Weiss and Jesse Sprague. Weiss recently established her innovative Baby DJ School program; she travels around NYC teaching babies how to DJ up to the age of 3. The concept of the Baby DJ School is that although most of her clients can’t talk, it doesn’t mean that they can’t communicate through some means of expression. The program helps babies ocular, language and motor skills' development. Weiss will also be offering free DJ lessons. Sprague, one of the organizers behind CirKiz, will DJ with his 8-year-old son who operates under the moniker DJ Alden.

Besides the music, this event will provide professional dancers alongside dance lessons, a 100-foot LED wall, as well as a “Glow Station” that will supply a table full of neon clothing materials for kids to create their very own imaginative rave gear. Above all else, the event features several contests including a contest for best costume, best freeze-dancer, and best runway walk. There will also be a DJ contest that will award a scholarship for a DJ training program.

This is an event designed to target actual club “kids”, kick start their creative minds, and ultimately introduce a safe and innocent take on the EDM scene. You can buy tickets for the event for just $20 here.

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