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The Chicago Bulls Mascot Imitates Skrillex As The Star Producer Enjoys A Game

Skrillex attended a Chicago Bulls game on Sunday night, and it looks like the organization was happy to have him in attendance. Benny the Bull, the team's mascot, dressed up like Skrillex and took a picture with the star producer.

Also, Skrillex took a photo with the iconic Michael Jordan statue in front of the United Center. 

To top it off, Skrillex met the Bulls cheerleaders.

This isn't the first time the Bulls have pulled out all the stops for a producer. Benny the Bull showed off his love for electronic dance music a few years ago when he appeared in a Pretty Lights video. Pretty Lights revealed that he wanted to be a basketball player while growing up, and like most people who grew up in the 1990s, the Chicago Bulls were his favorite team. Check it out below!


[H/T: SB Nation]

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