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David Guetta Wants To Beat Armin & Become The First DJ In Space

During an interview with KISS FM UK, David Guetta showed interest in becomiing the first DJ in space. 

The French producer/DJ was inspired by a plane flight between Paris and Ibiza back in 2011. During the flight, Guetta played his new album for journalists. The experience drove Guetta to reach out to a member of a space program to discover the necessary training regimen to become an astronaut so that he could DJ in space.

Guetta says, “You just have to fly a few times on a military plane and imagine that it’s going to be like this but 10 times more intense. That got me a little scared but to be the first guy to DJ in space? That would be crazy, I mean, that’s history.”

This reminds us of last year when Armin van Buuren revealed he was given a complimentary ticket by Space Expedition Corporation for a commercial space flight. The company is a huge fan of Armin, which is why they gave him the free ticket. Space Expedition Corporation was selling tickets for their first flight for $100,000.

Armin says, “For every DJ, it’s a dream to travel 3.5 times faster than their own sound! And then that deafening silence at 100 kilometers high. I can’t wait. I guess a 200 BPM heart rate is likely.”

Armin's flight was supposed to happen during 2014, but we haven't heard any news about it. At this point, we're guessing the space journey has been delayed. It'll be interesting to see if Guetta beats Armin to space. 

You can watch a short clip of Guetta's interview with KISS FM UK below.

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