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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 29

Ride or die to these heavy dubstep drops

What up bass music fam? I hope your day is going half as well as mine is so far, and if not, I have got the perfect cure for your crankiness. Armed with ten of our most toxic dubstep tunes to date, we clearly held nothing back for Volume 29. Also, in case you did not notice, our weekly review is still running a bit behind schedule. So in an effort to catch us up as quickly as possible, we will be publishing the next few installments of this segment in the coming week. Strap on your game faces, because some serious shit is about to go down.

10. Daenine & SirensCeol - Antihero

Bringing up the back end of our countdown this week is none other than Daenine & SirensCeol. The former is a 17 year-old producer on the rise and the latter has already won over the melodic dubstep masses with his previous works. However, in anything but typical fashion, these two composers bring us a track so ferocious that you will need to keep a first aid kit nearby for safety purposes. The daredevil drops in “Antihero” are likely to leave you with a few dings and dents, but it is nothing that your local bass surgeon cannot stitch up.

9. Gogglez - Crocodile

Looks like we have got some fresh meat on our hands. And there is nothing I love doing more than introducing you wily bunch of dubstep detectives to the latest and greatest names in the industry. Drops this filthy tend to lurk in the dark shadows underneath beds around the world. Trust me, somewhere amongst all that clutter that you have been storing up for years, is a track so vile that no cleansing process could possibly rid your body of all the excess bass bacteria. Gogglez is determined to devour your soul with “Crocodile.”

8. Gastly - Gravity

When Gastly hit the airwaves with “Gravity,” I had to sit down and collect my thoughts for a brief moment. Dubstep this deep is usually only found on the bottom of ocean basins and very rarely exposed to the light of day. However, this producer would have been doing the world a huge disservice by letting this tune gradually deteriorate underwater. With a bass line that slowly seeps through your aural passages and percussion that supplies the beat’s sturdy backbone, it is simple to see why I refused to let these downright nasty drops go unnoticed.

7. Axel Boy - Do You Need It

If you do not yet consider yourself one of the many proud members of the Axel Boy Fan Club, then I seriously advise that you re-evaluate your enrollment. His unique productions have demonstrated little trouble captivating everyone from big time musicians to your everyday dubstep listeners. When “Do You Need It” was initially dropped on my dome, I was left with a welt the size of a bowling ball and a severe case of amnesia. I can only pray that your treacherous trek through these dastardly drops will be equally delightful.

6. Virtual Riot - We're Not Alone (Killabyte Remix)

Every week I would like to think that I discover one melodic dubstep track that possesses drops so disgusting that even the world’s dirtiest person would find them absolutely repulsive. Well, I hate to pat myself on the back, but I believe I have done it once again. This time around, Killabyte caves in your skull with his smashing remix of Virtual Riot’s “We’re Not Alone” (the original still being the best song of 2014 in this writer’s humble opinion). Call these drops beautiful, call them exquisite, heck, call them whatever you like, just do not be the one to overlook them.

5. M A Z E - Hood Game (Dubloadz Remix)

Who’s dominating the dubstep game more than Dubloadz right now? Nobody. I am fairly certain that this gentleman never takes a break from murking bass tunes on the daily. After recently surpassing the 9k follower mark on Facebook, Mr. Loadz was kind enough to dole out a couple free remixes. His revised version of Bukez Finezt’s “Homicida” is nothing to scoff at, but interestingly enough, it was his resurrection of M A Z E’s “Hood Game” that left me feeling some type of way. It might only be a shortened clip, but this track’s first drop should teach you everything you need to know about Dubloadz.

4. Disrobe - Wolfsbane

It is usually a good sign that I’ve stumbled upon some dirty drops when all of my musically-inclined friends are going out of their way to mention them to me. Disrobe is a duo (made up of Adair & OmegaMode) that I’m still learning about at this very moment, so you better believe me when I say that these past couple weeks have been a crash course in their dubstep destruction. Without an ounce of hesitation, “Wolfsbane” begins shredding your sound system piece by piece. Have you ever had a pair of drops knock you completely unconscious? No? Well, I guess there is a first time for everything.

3. Ivory - Punch

Much like a punch to the face, Ivory’s latest tune will leave your entire head throbbing in pain. But do not expect your standard headache, because this is the kind of rewarding pain that solely comes from enduring a wildly unstable dubstep banger. It has never been easy to detect drops that will register a 5.0 on the Richter scale, but there is no question that this song definitely highlights two of them. As riddim has continued its steady growth within the dubstep scene, tunes like “Punch” have quickly become the poster child for this thriving subgenre. Y’all might want to wash up now, because this track gets incredibly messy.

2. Getter & 12th Planet - Point Click

The term grimy does not even begin to sum up this new collaboration from Getter & 12th Planet. Easily considered two of dubstep’s most dominating forces, both of these producers went to work on creating a track that is beyond comfortable roaming through dark streets and shady alleys after curfew. Think that ominous figure over your shoulder is just your imagination acting up - well think again. Because when it comes to drops of this magnitude, we are talking about a life or death situation. And I think we would all prefer to still be breathing the next time that Getter & 12th Planet team up.

1. The Frim - Hi

In a landslide victory this week, The Frim literally ran away with our #1 position. From the moment you hear the introductory vocal sample, “the music, I am high from it,” you get the overwhelming sense that “Hi” will present you with anything but ordinary drops. While the first drop exhibits an adequate amount of filth, the second drop spirals completely out of control within a matter of seconds. As the nonsensical noise bounces around the inside of your cranium, your body cannot help but respond with a plethora of insanely spastic movements. Put down whatever you are doing and go pick up this latest release from The Frim.

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