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Bassnectar NYE Tickets Are Being Resold For $1,000+

White Raver Rafting has alerted us to an alarming situation. Bassnectar's upcoming New Year's Eve show in Nashville, Tennessee is sold out, and tickets are currently being resold on StubHub for up to $12,000. 


These tickets most likely won't find buyers at these prices, but it's still ridiculous for the ticket owners to even list them. In the past, we've seen ticket prices listed in the $1,000+ range for music festivals on StubHub. However, this is the first time we've seen tickets for an arena show listed for more than $1,000. 

The $1,000+ tickets are more evidence of electronic music's rapidly growing popularity in the United States. This will be the fourth year in a row that Bassnectar's played in Nashville on New Year's Eve, and tickets sold out in record time. Due to the event's popularity, scalpers realized there was an opportunity to make a lot of money off the unfortunate Bassnectar fans who missed out on tickets.

We hope that no one ends up paying much more than the original ticket price of $74 for tickets. Fans should let the market correct itself by refusing to buy tickets from the scalpers who try to make 1000% profit. 

To get an idea of why the event is so in demand, check out the recap of Bassnectar's 2013 NYE show below.

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