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EDM.com Spotlight

Diplo Wants You To 'Do Something Cool' With His Tracks

A week, Diplo uploaded a track titled “Everyday” to his soundcloud with one simple request for his followers - “rap on this.” While many EDM producers like Flosstradamus and Datsik have held rapping contests for their tracks, Diplo isn’t quite hoping for the same result. Instead, the superstar producer simply wants to hear what bars all of his fans could spit over one of his smoothest, grooviest tracks yet.

Now, all of you have the same opportunity once again, as Diplo has uploaded four more of his own original tracks to his SoundCloud, "6th Gear," "Biggie Bounce," "Express Yourself," and "Revolution," with the simple request “do something cool with this.” Each track is an acapella version, with only each song's recognizable lyrics, allowing for a lot of creativity in how you work with his tracks.

Take a listen to the tracks for yourself and listen to Diplo: "Do something cool with this.”

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