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EDM.com Spotlight

Judge Judy Is Not Amused By EDC, Music Festivals & Raves

Judge Judith Sheindlin of Judge Judy has a straightforward, no-nonsense personality, which has helped her become the queen of daytime reality television. Her popularity has led to her earning a a whopping $47 million per year. On her show, she encounters people from all walks of life on her wildly popular reality court television show. Yesterday, she was the arbitrator in a case where the plaintiff, Talina Apodaca mentioned EDC Las Vegas. It was all downhill from there for Apodaca.

Judge Judy asked Apodaca about where she was during a key part of the case. Apodaca told her that she was driving back from Las Vegas, where she was working at EDC. Judge Judy was not amused because Apodaca had previously admitted she was on disability. Apodaca's trip to EDC showed that she clearly values going to music festivals more than working a 9-to-5 job, and Judge Judy saw right through her excuses.

Things got a little humorous from there, as Judge Judy asked, "What is a rave?"

Watch the video below!

Oh yeah, Apodaca also lied about EDC. As we all know, it's a three-day event. She ended up losing the case. 

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