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EDM.com Spotlight

Martin Garrix Worked For Uber Last Week

Martin Garrix and Uber both reached massive levels of success over a relatively short timespan. While comparing the producer to a ridesharing service is akin to comparing apples to couches, the parallel seems apt given that Uber recently enlisted the talents of Garrix for a night during Amsterdam Dance Event. Hiring drivers such as deadmau5 in the past, Uber transported ADE guests on a massive Garrix-themed bus, with the Dutch artist DJing and greeting guests during their rides. The bus itself prominently displayed Garrix's logo on its sides and occasionally shot out fire from safely equipped pyrotechnics

Considered one of the largest EDM events in the world, ADE hosts events such as the DJ Mag Top 100 unveiling party. Partnering Uber's service with the #4 DJ in the world during a massive event is a testament to Uber's understanding of its consumer base's interests. 

Watch the video of Garrix DJing on the Uber bus below:

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Cover Photo Credit: Rukes 

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