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Feed Me and Kill The Noise Release Huge Collaboration 'Far Away'

Whispers have been circulating for months surrounding Feed Me & Kill The Noise's highly anticipated collaboration, and they have finally released their massive new tune, "Far Away." Released on their respective labels Sotto Voce and Slow Roast, this melodic track defies the norm with unique (and downright awesome) vocals - an idea that sparked over 18 months ago, leading the two to take a leaf out of Justice’s book and record a choir of children to sing the brilliantly scripted lyrics.

“We wrote the last few lyrics to the song literally on the ride to the school which was just outside of London first thing in the morning. Something meaningful, something simple, something open for interpretation, but most importantly something appropriate for children to sing! Which is more challenging than you might think!

"We turned up, met the headmaster of the small schoolhouse, set up our recording equipment and jumped right to the school gymnasium full of 8 year old children - it was terrifying! It was particularly nerve wracking to me, because I was the only guy with an american accent. Every time I spoke about 60 little faces turned to me inquisitively like “this guy talks kinda funny, I’m not so sure about him.” - Kill The Noise

If the release itself wasn’t enough for you, Feed Me announced earlier this week that the video will premiere Saturday, October 25th on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim - so keep an eye out!

Amidst the buzz of the release, Kill The Noise is busy in the thick of a jam-packed North American Majestic As Fak tour alongside Milo & OtisApe DrumsBotnek, and Two Fresh. The two-month tour has been working its way across the country and is set to finish up on November 29 in Atlanta, Georgia - still plenty of time to catch a show in a city near you! 

To view all of the tour dates and purchase tickets, head to www.majesticasfak.com

Read Kill The Noise’s entire statement about the song below. 


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Written by Lauren Mikkor

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