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EDM.com Spotlight

Staff Picks: 5 Favorite Songs Of The Week Vol. 1

It’s safe to say that the all of our staff members take pride in being music aficionados, and we all shamelessly admit to spending countless of hours searching for tracks worthy enough to make it onto our most current playlist. With such a vast amount of music being showcased and released, going through all of the different outlets can easily become overwhelming. In order to make your search easier, we’ve compiled a list of the songs we haven’t stopped playing these last few days.

Here are our 5 favorite tracks this week:

1. Banks – Beggin For Thread (Gryffin & Hotel Garuda Remix)

As if anyone couldn't get enough of the on-the-rise female vocalist Banks, the Hotel Garuda boys and Gryffin just released their unique take on her celebrated hit, "Beggin For Thread." Banks has been rapidly climbing in popularity thanks to her sultry voice, and the sweet-sounding groove fused together with the thumping bassline makes for an extremely soulful and harmonious sound.

2. Heartsrevolution - Kishi Kaisei (Wuki Remix)

The booty-tech master Wuki recently added his signature touch to Heartsrevolution’s track "Kishi Kaisei" and it has proved to be just as infectious as all of his other hits. Wuki has an incredible ability to seamlessly mix a variety of genres and sounds, whether it be electro or breakbeat influences, in order to deliver this powerful, booty-filled track. The pop group's edgy track made for the perfect platform for Wuki to elaborate its eclectic sound and create this energetic remix.

3. Laurel – Shells (Durante Remix)

Just a little under a year ago, 21-year-old producer Durante made the courageous decision to move cross-country to pursue a career in the music industry. Since taking on the role of Product Manager at OWSLA, he’s undoubtedly been making waves in the dance music scene. His previous release via Nest HQ, “Slow Burn,” went viral and his latest remix is about to as well. Durante chose to enhance the track “Shells” by England’s illustrious teen, Laurel. The refined, pervading basslines and percussive elements he selected to accompany her mesmerizing vocals really brings the original track to a whole new level and delivers something that genuinely gives you electrifying feels.

4. KDrew – Signals

Our very own record label Good Game Records recently launched with the release of KDrew's brand new EP Signals. The chart-topping EDM star crafted a lively, engaging beat for his feature track “Signals.” The song leaves a lasting impression on listeners due to its unforgettable lyrics and distinctive sound, and is a sure-fire radio classic.

5. The Runners & Alec Maire – We Will Stand (Feat. Frederick)

Miami-based duo The Runners recently got together with NYC producer Alec Maire to create this melodic house track that will soon be sweeping dance floors worldwide. The song features Frederick’s catchy vocals singing lyrics created by Jenson Vaughn, the man behind Armin Van Buuren‘s hit This Is What It Feels Like.” The song “We Will Stand” debuted just a couple of weeks ago on Sirius XM’s Beta BPM show, and we’ve had it on replay ever since.

What were some of your favorite tracks this week?

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