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EDM Fan Spotlight: Madison Ivy, Adult Film Star

Madison Ivy is unquestionably one of the most popular adult film actresses in the world. What you may not know is that when she's not on screen, she's probably listening to electronic dance music. She has fallen head over heels for dance music, and she simply cannot live without it. We recently sat down with Madison to speak with her about her love for dance music and how it all began.

She says, "My love for EDM started when I met my other half, Heather Starlet. She had to practically drag me to a Bassnectar show, my first show. It was a little over three years ago in Sacramento. Heather was friends with the promoters of the Bassnectar show. He called and said we should come out and we said why not. We got there, and it was the most magical experience I'd  ever had."

There were a variety of reasons the Bassnectar show made her fall in love with electronic dance music. She says, "I fell in love with Bassnectar's energy and music. It brings you to a deeper level of connection. Also, the effort he puts into the production of the show. Every moment of the show was so perfect."

Madison was in love with the music, but she wasn't fully immersed in the EDM world quite yet. "My addiction to EDM started slow. It was about a month until our next show, which was EDC Las Vegas. After that, there was no more slow. Heather and I hit up shows together almost every weekend."

When asked which producers she enjoys listening to the most, she didn't hold back. Madison fired off a long list: "Zomboy, Doctor P, R3hab, Pegboard Nerds, Protohype, Xilent, 12th Planet, Adventure Club, Above & Beyond, W&W, Zeds Dead, Nervo, Getter, Seven Lions, At Dawn We Rage, Gemini, Zedd, Nero, Antiserum, Two Fresh, Keys N Krates, Paper Diamond, Pretty Lights, Cookie Monsta, and many more." 

Madison actually uploaded a video of herself at a Cookie Monsta show. In the video, you can see her gloving, which is a passion of hers.


Madison doesn't only enjoy the music. She says, "What I really love about the community is the general energy and the people. It's not like any other party you go to. I love kandi. They're like friendship bracelets that people make, and you can bring a piece of them with you."

On top of that, Madison enjoys creating her own clothing to wear to dance music events. She says, "I've always liked to make little clothing things because I'm so small and so hard to fit anything. I kind of just incorporated making my clothing into this new world that I found of sparkly outfits and skimpy little things. It was easy for me to get into that. I'd say my favorite outfits would be either my Bud Fairy outfit or my Dragonball Z Super Saiyan outfit that I'm working on."

Madison Ivy leads a very busy life, but she will always find time for dance music. She says, "I always plan work around shows I want to go. I live to rave, and I love feeling the music flowing through me."

Cover photo credit: Alex Ardenti

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