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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 30

These disobedient drops are mayhem's best friend

Somewhere amongst the rubble and wreckage, we have located ten tunes that are capable of putting some nastiness back into your normal routine. Showcasing one of our deeper lineups to date, Volume 30 provides a quintessential collection of slaphappy dubstep drops. We are about to go from 0mph to 100mph in under a couple seconds, so tighten those seatbelts and get comfortable.

10. Jarvis - Set Me Free (Ft. Harvey)

When Jarvis recently popped up in our neck of the woods with “Set Me Free,” we suddenly felt the urge to spread our wings and soar majestically. Defined by its humming bass line and choppy synth patterns, this devious dubstep tune caused more mischief in our ear canals than we could have ever fathomed. Halfway through the first drop, you will find yourself so disoriented that you will no longer know which way is up or down; this new Jarvis is sure to give you a proper jostling.

9. Dr. Ozi - Time Will Fall (Ft. Lizz Kellermann)

Whenever Dr. Ozi puts out a fresh track, there is a 99.9% chance that it will be in the running for the dirtiest dubstep drop of the week. Positioned at #9 this week, the unstoppable duo clocked in with a song so absurdly mental that it instantly dispatches the local authorities to carry you away to the nearest psych ward. That being said, I apologize if I am in any way responsible for your recent bout of insanity, but if it is any consolation, both of these riotous drops are well worth any potential fallout. Put on your party caps people, because this Dr. Ozi gala is about to get extra greasy.

8. Habstrakt & Megalodon - Yabba Dabs (EH!DE Remix)

It was not all that long ago that Habstrakt & Megalodon’s The Storm EP took honors for our sought after #1 slot. Since then, various musicians have attempted to remix all four tracks that appeared on the illustrious release, however, none of them have even come close to what EH!DE has managed to do with the insanely popular “Yabba Dabs.” By applying a cornucopia of his trademark characteristics to the original, this producer elevated this revised take into previously uncharted territory. Is that first drop not quite enough for you? No worries, because the second drop literally spews sulfuric acid all over your sound system. Looks like somebody might need to go shopping for a new set of speakers.

7. Excision & Dion Timmer - Out Of Time (Ft. Splitbreed) (Terravita Remix)

The guys from Terravita have been making plenty of noise lately, and it has not gone unnoticed. Setting their sights on Excision & Dion Timmer’s “Out Of Time,” the talented trio exerted all of their energy in an effort to concoct this larger than life dubstep banger. A drawn-out introduction flawlessly cascades into complete bass music chaos at the 1:22 mark, and as your hands shoot up to accompany the wobbles, your feet will begin violently trampling the ground below you. Drops this diabolical have been known to keep us dancing for days on end - care to join us?

6. Adair & OmegaMode - Among Us

Well, when you get two of the biggest youngsters that dubstep has to offer on the same track, chances are that things are going to get uncontrollably wild – and quick. Do yourself a favor and just be sure to give Adair & OmegaMode a 100-mile radius to work with, because if you are standing any closer to the epicenter of “Among Us”, there is a high probability that you will permanently lose your hearing. The first drop is no laughing matter, but that second drop reminds me so much of MUST DIE! that it is not even funny. This is just the beginning of the saga for Adair & OmegaMode, and their story is yet to be written.

5. Subject 31 & Darkscape - Android

Switching over from one pair of gifted producers to another, two more gunslingers are grabbing their weapons out of their holsters for our weekly wrap-up. Many of you may remember Subject 31 from his recently released Flow EP, which essentially put this rising musician on the dubstep map. Darkscape, on the other hand, is not quite as well known yet in bass music circles, but something tells me that will not be the case for long. Reminiscent of Datsik or Rekoil, “Android” revolves around unrivaled instrumentation and a duo of cold-hearted drops. A clip of this tune was made available back in 2012, but now that this song is obtainable (for free) in its entirety, we had to share the news.

4. Terravita - Rawdog

Oh, hello again Terravita, we almost did not see you there. Making their second cameo on this week’s countdown, the guys from one of bass music’s leading groups just could not resist the temptation to get in on more dirty drop action. And who can blame them? With an entire new EP of material to choose from, any of the four songs from Fuel To The Fire would have made dignified representatives for our friendly competition. That being said, “Rawdog” was the one tune that injected us with an unparalleled shot of adrenaline. Even the hulk himself would pale in comparison to these gargantuan drops.

3. EXPLOIT - Bass Is Hittin'

With a name like “Bass Is Hittin’,” we would be committing a crime against dubstep by not exposing this outrageously nasty song. Luckily, we quickly came to our senses and this ear-mutilator from EXPLOIT leaped all the way up into our top three. While he might not be considered nearly as established as some of the others names on this week’s segment, this producer is obviously nobody’s punk. Trust me, riddim can be one rude bitch when it is done right, and these enraged drops are so incredibly pissed off that you will likely never hear the end of them. All eyes (and ears) should be on EXPLOIT, end of discussion.

2. Mark Instinct - HØØÐ

Creeping through ghettos around the globe, Mark Instinct’s “HØØД has instantaneously left gangsters feeling grimier than ever before. Who needs street cred when you have a track as sinister as this one on your hands? While these drops posses the potential to land you in a dark alley with nothing to defend yourself with but your own hands, do not sweat it, because this thug-thumping tune is the only line of defense you truly need from all forms of evil. When this Mark Instinct murker starts smashing up streets and flattening buildings, maybe then it will catch your attention.

1. P0gman - W0lf T0wn

P0gman really outdid himself this time. “W0lf T0wn” presents the kind of terrorizing drops that will huff, and puff, and then blow your entire neighborhood into another dimension. This dubstep dire wolf digs into your eardrums with its razor-sharp fangs and leaves your entire body a bloody mess. For those of you that have never been beaten to a pulp by a remorseless bass tune, then step right on up and find out what it feels like. Ok, I think you all get the point. Lets just hope that you have a high pain threshold, because P0gman will be distributing plenty of it.

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