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Ultra Music Festival Hit With $10 Million Lawsuit

In March, during the renowned Ultra Music Festival in Miami, Contemporary Services Corporation security guard Erica Mack had to be taken to the hospital in critical condition when she was trampled by a large crowd of unruly festival-goers who were attempting to force down a fence to get inside the first day of the festival. Thankfully, Mack made it out of the horrific incident alive, she was left with several broken bones, a skull fracture, and still has to undergo physical therapy for her injured lower limb.  The security guard has now just slapped the festival with a $10 million lawsuit to help with the damges.

At the end of Ultra this year, following the tragic news of Mack’s incident and other incidents at the festival, Miami officials began talks about potentially banning Ultra Music Festival from its birthplace in downtown Miami, and although the Miami City Commission voted 4-1 to keep the iconic festival in Miami, promising heightened security and a closer working relationship with the Miami police. The lawsuit stems from an important factor that was previously discussed when deciding whether Ultra should stay in Miami or not - the festival organizers allegedly failed to erect additional fencing, at the suggestion of Miami Beach Police, at the area where Mack was assigned to patrol, and trampled.

Though Mack has yet to officially make a statement, she plans on speaking to the public for the first time Monday, and in anticipation of her speaking, Ultra released a statement saying, “we continue to wish Ms. Mack the best for her future and hope she has made a full and complete recovery, but the complaint her lawyers have now filed as part of a lawsuit does not properly recite the facts of the unfortunate accident. Without question, event organizers believe that the incident was caused by illegal actions of unknown third parties for which it is not responsible."

It will be interesting to see whether or not this lawsuit impacts Ultra’s ability to stay in its home at Bayfront Park in Miami, and whether Ultra’s festival organizers really chose not to put up extra fencing when advised by the Miami police. For now, we’ll keep you updated as more facts are released and as Mack makes her statement.

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