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EDM.com Spotlight

Dutch Producer Teams Up With Fans To Create New Track

Waverider knows how to work with fans

In early September, Hardstyle DJ and Producer Waverider (aka Andy Blom) announced his #WaveriderCollabs project; a way for him to build a track together with his followers. The goal was simple from the outset: “Interaction - that’s what really mattered. My fans are equally as important to me as the music I create in the studio, so I looked for a way to blend those two huge parts of my life together and the ‘Collabs’ idea was born.” Andy explains.

He began by splitting the process of making the track into elements: Melody, Mid-intro, Climax or Anti-Climax and Vocals. He then provided fans with two variations of the same track element each week, and enlisted their help to tell him not only their favorite of the two, but also voice creative input on each choice. It kicked off with what is most likely the most recognizable part of a Hardstyle production, the melody!

The positive responses to both came in their droves, but melody number one stood out the most with an overwhelming majority of votes...

Next up, it was down to the fans to select the ever energetic mid-intro. It seemed to be a tough choice, as both versions racked up 50/50 support, with option number two just edging it within the last couple of days.

As any Hardstyle devotee will tell you, a familiar discussion amongst the genre’s following is whether or not a track should feature a Climax or an Anti-Climax. Surprising even Waverider himself, some took an unexpected approach to this segment: “At first, people were going in different ways and keeping it a very balanced vote, but throughout the entire project I was encouraging suggestions on how people think each contender could improve. A few commenters introduced the idea of combining both choices to give everyone the best of both worlds, and it really worked out great!”

The track took form, so it was time to introduce some vocals to give it the finishing touch. Waverider reached out to popular MC DL and asked him to write separate vocals, from which the Hardstyle community crowed number two as their champion!

After revealing the final element winner, Waverider announced the track title as “Beast Mode ft. MC-DL” and thanked his fans for the huge response: “After 4 weeks of building this track together with you, the project is now coming to an end and I've definitely enjoyed every minute of it. Reading your comments, discussing your (great) ideas and talking with a lot of you guys during the weekend about everything has been so interesting. The melody was a clear winner, the mid intro was so close, but during the climax or anti-climax part it was really 50/50, and we all decided together to use both elements in the track! It was a creative process and it was awesome to involve all of you!”

You can now listen to the full song in all its glory below...

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