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What Is The Deal With EDM & Pizza?

Pizza unites us all.

Through countless YouTube videos, Instagram posts, tweets, and more, it is evident that pizza is, and always will be, an influential force within the EDM community. Artists ranging from Zedd to Crizzly have affectionately displayed their undying devotion to the triangular slice of heaven, and after much speculation, it has lead us to questioning why EDM producers crave what many have referred to as "the food of the gods." Statisically speaking, we believe 4 out of every 5 DJs love pizza. As of now, our main conclusions are that it resembles the ancient symbol of the Illuminati, and that the circular shape of a pizza pie is strikingly similar to that of a vinyl record. There are literally thousands, if not millions of pizza-lovers out there, but few of them show as much outward appreciation as our beloved EDM artists and producers - and there's a few good reasons why.


For many people, ordering a pizza is a no-brainer. You pick up the phone, dial in your favorite pizzeria, and ask to order a slice or pie. However after the small talk, you are now faced with the direly pressing issue of toppings. When it comes to toppings, the options are seemingly infinite; overwhelming thoughts contemplating your future make this decision the only thing standing between you and a slice of 'za. EDM artists too face this profound dilemma.

Electro house duo DVBBS tweeted about their genuine Italian margarita pizza over this past summer.

On the other hand, diverse EDM producer Borgore expressed his love for meat based toppings such as pepperoni pizza.

Progressive house producer Zedd shared with the world via Vine that his favorite topping of pizza is bacon, accompanied with a facial expression hinting at the notion: "What else would my favorite topping be, is this a serious question?" (Can you blame him?)

The Dominos Pizza Tracker.

Time has a way of slowing down the minute you finish placing your order, and the 30-45 minute waiting time can feel like hours, if not days. Thankfully, technology is on our side and has become more innovative than ever before. The Dominos Tracker allows customers to follow the preparation stages of their pizza in real time, almost like a pregnant mother goes through the stages of childbirth (yeah, new pizza = newborn child). Many EDM producers can agree that the pizza tracker was has been true game changer. 

Porter Robinson and Flux Pavilion have equally expressed their eternal gratitude for the pizza-bar.

Even Riff Raff agrees that the pizza tracker is a significant element in the pizza ordering process.

Delivering the pizza.

Few can appreciate the pizza delivery process quite like the Australian Future Classic team and Touch Sensitive. Their music video for "Pizza Guy" features F.C. stars such as Flume, Emoh Instead, and Chet Faker,and follows the story of a pizza guy delivering vinyl records in a pizza box to various customers. The video ends with the delivery guy eating his own slice of pizza whilst looking out over a beautiful view, and there is nothing a greater than a slice and a view.

Celebrating the pizza.

It is quite common for people to be so excited about a piece of pizza that they simply must share it with the virtual world. A casual selfie with your personal slice is completely acceptable behavior in this day and age. Check out these delicious looking slices of pizza. 

Here's a picture of Flume double fisting his pizza. Again, totally acceptable. I wouldn't want to wait to consume two slices of pizza when I could do it at the same time either. Multi-tasking is a virtue.

Martin Garrix decided to post a picture of himself annihilating a piece of pizza. From the looks of it, I would say he is rather enjoying it. 

Baauer and AlunaGeorge also posted a picture of the two eating delicious pizza together. Eating pizza has proven to be a consistently fun activity between friends.

Justin Martin has led a life filled with pizza and love, and he adoes anyone that shares his passion.

And here's a picture of Tiesto's face inside a slice of za, commonly denoted at the "Tiesto pizza-face."

Pizza & Music

To be completely honest, I'm not sure if there's a better combination than pizza and music. Naturally, an EDM pizza party sounds like the powerful hybrid we all deserve. Pizza is a prime food selection due to its outstanding conveniency, and music has a way of getting people moving, giving you the full eat & rave package. It's always important to eat before and after a show, and a hefty few EDM artists have included this delicicacy as a vital portion of their riders.

Mash-up extraordinaire 3LAU shared with us his exclusive backstage pizza party back in the beginning of August.

Keys N' Krates made the common mistake of actually consuming too much pizza, which sounds hard to believe, but actually is a detrimental error. Consuming too much pizza can result in a pizza coma of the sorts that only a solid nap can cure. However, pre-show pizza is still a fantastic idea.

Even after the show is pizza still a good idea. Deorro responded to a fans tweet asking, "What's your favorite thing to eat after a show?" As anticipated, the answer is always pizza.

In fact, eating pizza with Deorro is in such high demand that Adventure Club reached out to fellow pizza lover about orchestrating their own pizza party.

Pizza parties: Part 2

The mind-blowing concept of uniting both EDM and pizza has reached new heights in recent months, as various producers have introduced the concept of touring with the beloved food selection. What almost sounds too good to be true is actually a revolutionary idea of its own, and we cannot be more grateful for these artists' community service.

Trap icons Bro Safari and Valentino Khan decided to marry their love for music and pizza for their combined show. 

As if the notion of fusing together music and pizza wasn't already the best idea a pizza lover has ever heard, think again. Herobust decided it would be a great idea to actually buy his entire show free pizza, and as a follow up it was a great idea. Watch this video of the producer spreading the love of 'za below.

Our conclusion is that pizza is not just a piece of food, but a way of life, a religion if you will. Legend tells of a Rafaelle Esposito pioneering the flat-bread delicacy, and it's safe to say that all of EDM is forever in his debt. Let us know what you enjoy most about pizza in the comments below!

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The head honcho of the pizza gang himself, Crizzly, lives by the axiom "pizza gang or die." Crizzly has been known to deliver pizza to local skate parks, throw slices to his fans, and live a life where pizza is the motto. Crizzly and Ookay generously tossed pizza out into the crowd during one of their shows. In this case, pizza was actually falling from the sky, and it was awesome.