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Bassnectar Works With A Fan To Create His Newest Track, 'Thursty'

According to Bassnectar, his newest song, "Thursty," was developed after he received an email from Craz, who's a fan of his. Bassnectar told Rolliing Stone, "An up-and-coming producer named Craz sent over a bunch of tracks, and one of them caught my ear immediately. It had 'that thing' going on in it, made me feel absolutely bonkers."

However, he knew the track could use some work. Bassnectar said, "I'm obsessed with getting music to sound cleaner, thicker, heavier and 'as perfect as possible. I could hear a lot of ways that his ideas could be more explosive and complete and asked if he wanted to team up on that song." Craz was clearly interested in working with Bassnectar, and they started developing ways to make the track better. The final product was "Thursty."

Bassnectar added, "I have this thing I do whenever I listen to music where I'm snapping my fingers and slapping my hands on the surface of a table or chair or whatever is nearby, drumming on my surroundings. I wanted to use this silly kind of snapping sample to build up into the most insane explosion, coming out of some kind of chopped-and-screwed hip-hop vocal."

Listen to "Thursty" below!

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