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‘Tis the Season: The Case for Halloween Festivals

Halloween Festivals should be on every raver's to-do list.

As an avid festival goer, I go above and beyond the call of duty to make sure I am present for as many of these events as possible, year round. However, as fall blankets us and the year begins to come to a close, the one thing I get most excited about is once again experiencing the magic of Halloween festivals.

Going to a Halloween festival is the ultimate favor you can do for yourself if you truly wish to appreciate this community. It is trick-or-treating at its best. You’re tricked by the masked persona of everyone in attendance and the creativity invested in their guises, while also being treated to the most intense sets from a slew of talented artists able to work their way deep inside your psyche with their beats.

Photo Credit: LessThan3

Halloween festivals are the essence of what this community is about. The ethos that fuels this culture is such that you are encouraged to set your identity free. Within festival boundaries, you can be anything you want. This holiday encapsulates that and celebrates anonymity while also embracing the diversity of humans as a species. In this respect, I would argue that every festival is a little celebration of Halloween.

The eerie nature of Halloween also translates over to a more underground feel, no matter how commercialized the festival may be. This is especially evident when dusk slowly settles in, teasing the venue with darkness and a subtle threat of ghoulish interactions to come. Techno and trance sets suck you into a cavernous soundscape with the relentless bass and fast tempo melodies making you feel like you’re on the run. Dubstep sets are raucous pits of debauchery, fueled by chainsaw-like textures ripping apart your soul, while the dark, heavy bass of trap sets instill a sense of mishief within the crowd.

Photo Credit: InTheMix

There is so much to appreciate about the sounds of all types of EDM complimenting a Halloween setting, it just makes perfect sense to experience this type of festival at least once in your life. Free you from yourself, become something else, and relish in the beauty that is life – no matter how forbidding, mysterious, or scary the future may be.

Cover Image: Rukes

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