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EDM.com Spotlight

98 Degrees Boy Band Member Tries His Hand At EDM & Makes A Complete Fool Of Himself

Jeff Timmons became famous in the 1990s as a member of the Nick Lachey-fronted boy band98 Degrees. About 15 years after he became an MTV star, Timmons has made an attempt to sing on an electronic dance music track, "That Girl" produced by Traxstarz, and the result is a trainwreck. 

First off, the song and accompanying music video are beyond cheesy. Secondly, Timmons' voice is autotuned beyond belief. He's fought the assertions that his voice is autotuned by saying, “A lot of people are getting us confused with the effect that is on the vocal, and think that it is auto-tune, but it is more of a Daft Punk and robotic effect.” However, "That Girl" sounds like something a 12-year-old would create when trying to make a Daft Punk-inspired song.

Watch the ridiculous video for "That Girl" below. 

[H/T: DJ Mag Canada]

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