EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Win An Exclusive Tour Bundle For Figure's Terrorvision Tour!

Widely regarded as the heavy bass "Prince of Darkness," Figure recently embarked on his revolutionary Terrorvision tour and has teamed up with EDM.com to give away an incredible tour package for every bass-lover.

The Terrorvision tour utilizes an unprecedented live setup that allows Josh Gard to control his visuals in real-time, creating a unique and horror-filled experience at every stop on the tour. After releasing the fifth installment of his cult-classic EP series Monsters earlier this month, the brain-melting-bass fanatic will be demonstrating his ghoulish release and shocking performances at a handful of cities across the United States.

EDM.com will be promoting Figure's new tour with an exclusive giveaway that includes free all-access tickets, exclusive t-shirts, 3-D glasses, bandanas, and more. There will be 3 separate prizes offered to 3 individuals, and interested fans can enter the giveaway in the widget below. The contest is running until Saturday, November 1st at 4pm EST, so don't miss this awesome opportunity to catch the best of Figure's new Terrorvision tour!

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