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EDM.com Spotlight

Silverback Remixes TC’s 'Everything For A Reason'

Montreal producer Silverback has garnered a loyal following of bass music lovers for his unique, hard-hitting dubstep and energy-fueled electro. Today, he’s released a filthy dubstep remix on TC’s “Everything For A Reason.” The original track, which was released on UKF earlier in August, is a melodic drum & bass track with hauntingly beautiful lyrics and a great d&b drop to match.

Silverback’s remix keeps TC’s melodic lyrics and riffs while incorporating an energy-laced drop that’s reminiscent of something that we typically see out of bassheads Skrillex or up-and-comers Milo & Otis. Silverback weaves together a hard-hitting, throbbing bassline with groovy synths and a melody to match to create a remix that has the potential to blow up the festival circuit.

Take a listen to the track for yourself below!

This isn't the first time Silverback has shown up on our radar - we first heard this talented producer from his remix of TC's "Get Down Low," which was originally was released as a bootleg, but once TC's team got their hands it they decided to give it out as an official release.

We also featured Silverback's epic remix of Pegboard Nerds' "Bassline Kickin" earlier this year, and it destroyed speakers worldwide thanks to its dubstep-meets-trap hybid style. Silverback has a slew of releases coming up, so be sure to keep him in your scope for more bass madness!

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