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EDM.com Spotlight

Reverse Selling Out: Breathe Carolina Speaks About Their Change In Sound

Tommy Cooperman of Breathe Carolina highlights the importance of support in our community.

A lot of people have been talking to us about our “recent” switch towards the EDM sound, so we figured it was time for us to explain our feelings towards the dance music world and highlight the reasons why we felt the need to break through.

When Breathe Carolina started in 2007, David did the entire thing by himself: he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered the entire album on a borrowed computer since he couldn’t afford his own. The entire first record was completely electronically, there was not one single guitar or live drum recorded on the album. Of course back then, “EDM” was not what it is today, and being a 17 year-old there wasn’t really an outlet for what David was making, so he put it out on Myspace and thats when things really started moving forward. The songs were earning hundreds of thousands of plays weekly, if not daily, and the buzz was growing more and more around the country.

Now there is no denying that we are from rock backgrounds, as we all played in rock bands before Breathe Carolina was a thing. We all spent countless dollars on guitars, amps, drums, microphones, bass guitars, pedals... the list goes on. Breathe Carolina was something different, but being "rock" kids we didn’t know that there was an alternativee way of getting your music out to the people other than hopping in a van with other “bands” and playing shows. So thats what we did - we spent every cent we had on a van, and toured around the country meeting and playing for fan after fan after fan. We were even named one of the “hardest working bands” by Songkick because we played over 200 shows in 365 days with our grueling tour schedule. But, despite going through all of this, we still felt like we were always the "odd balls" within the rock scene.

Now we will be the first to say that genres in general are just dumb. Artists should be making whatever music they feel like, at whatever time they feel like making it. I mean if your going to put a genre on us, then there's no denying that we make electronic music with a rock influence. We have always been so unbelievably drawn to the EDM community, the people, the energy, the artists... everything about it leaves us speechless and wanting more. It is truly the most beautiful thing we have ever seen. To see people like Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac who oversees every single detail of every single stage of every single show, festival, and event he puts on just blows our minds. Even the artists, who have honed their crafts so well, and made their own rules about when they play, when they release music, and how they do it, are truly amazing as well. No other scene in the world harbors a 16-year-old kid who got on his computer to make a song and mix it, master it, and give it to the world on their own.

When we set out on this new album Savages, we decided that we really wanted to go for it; we wanted to make our way into the community that we really felt we could have, rather should have been a part of since the beginning of this journey. We decided that no matter how hard we worked, or how many times we might fail, we still wanted it more than anything. Every day we feel like we are getting closer and closer to that goal, and we are doing our best to win over one new fan at a time while satisfying the loving and undeniably incredible fan bases that we have already built. We know that it is going to be an uphill battle, and we know that we could easily just go in the studio and write another pop song like “Blackout,” hoping for some radio success again and see what happens. But we just don’t want that. 

Some of you reading this know who we are, and some of you don’t have any clue what Breathe Carolina is, but to us that's exciting. Whether you like what we put out or you hate it, at the very least you are giving us your opinion, and honestly that matters more than anything to us in this world. From every great comment to every comment telling us we are the worst, it fuels us to continue making music that will make you happy and pushes us to try harder to gain your approval. Why? Because YOU guys are the ones that matter most in this community, YOU guys are the on-going force that drives any music scene forward, and what YOU guys think is really important to us.

We feel that this period in music is the most exciting time ever, mainly because it's a time that calls for smarter thinking, more connection to your fan base, and more content day in and day out. To keep people happy you might need a new song, remix, or video every month or every wekk, otherwise you will might just get left behind. That challenge excites us beyond anything we can even describe.

So please, we invite all people: new fans, old fans, haters, and people who just aren’t sure yet, to give us the chance to win you over. Even if we fail you miserably, we hold you as dear as you hold your music and community, and we want nothing more than to make you proud or at the very least earn your respect.

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