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David Heartbreak Defies Genres With 'Rose Colored Bass' LP

Bass never smelled so good

Dave Heartbreak has never been one to follow the norm - he has produced tracks under seemingly every genre with finesse and integrity, taking leaps into new territories with every new release. From his productions in moombahton, dubstep, acid house, trap, electro, and everything in between, there is little that Heartbreak hasn't done, and his Rose Colored Bass EP is just another example of this talented producer's versatility.

Set to release via OWSLA on November 18th, Rose Colored Bass is an 8-track LP that highlights the heavy bass side of the Brooklynite's productions, sprinkled with a touch of serene vocal elements and orchestraic compositions. On one hand, tracks such as "Rebel" featuring Leftside and "Armaggedon" featuring Chooky showcase the hybrid dubstep/trap aspect of his sound. On the other hand, songs such as "Embrace the Unknown" featuring singer Lisa Donnelly and "Brawnoff's Prelude Of A Rose" provide a breathe of fresh air with their soothing and dreamlike atmospheres.

Other releases on the EP such as "Tonight" featuring singer Skylar Grey and the EP's self-titled track featuring Maluca cannot be defined by modern day genre tags, as they incorporate a handful of elements from a spectrum of bass heavy and melody-driven aspects of EDM.

We've followed David Heartbreak for years, and we have continuously been surprised by his diversity in direction as a producer. With so many producers today following the latest trend and pigeon-holing themselves into one specific sound, Heartbreak relinquishes any doubt that he is not just a "one-trick pony." Rose Colored Bass highlights his latest endeavours and direction as a producer, and if we've learned anything from watching him grow, it's safe to say that there is little telling where his sound will go next.

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