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You Can Finally Dance In Japan's Nightclubs Following Country's Decision To Lift Dancing Ban

For the past five years, Japan's anti-dancing law, the Fueiho Law, has been strictly enforced. The law was first created in 1948, and it makes it illegal to dance past midnight in Japan. Additionally, venues that want to have dancing up until midnight must have a dancing license, which is difficult to acquire. However, it wasn't strictly enforced until a 22-year-old university student was killed in a street brawl after attending a club. Owners of clubs may have wanted their patrons to dance, but there's no way they would have wanted to risk being shut down by the police. Luckily, this modern day Footloose situation seems to be coming to an end. On Friday, Japan's cabinet agreed to lift the country's ban on dancing.

The fight against the Fueiho Law included a petition from Let's Dance, an organization full of club owners, music journalists, and nightlife lovers. The petition included 155,879 signatures, and it was submitted to the Diet, Japan’s national parliament, in May 2013. 

THUMP speculates that the 2020 Summer Olympics, which will be held in Tokyo, are a big factor in Japan's decision to lift the ban on dancing. This is likely a huge reason why Japan made this decision, as the Olympics will bring in a ton of tourists. The Japanese government doesn't want a massive amount of foreigners with disposable income complaining about antiquated anti-dancing laws.

Japan's love for dance music was on display during last month's Ultra Japan. The recap video below shows their love for dancing, and it's great that Japanese citizens will finally be able to dance at nightclubs. 


Cover photo credit: Rukes

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