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EDM.com Spotlight

A Talented Artist Is Painting 22 Of The Most Popular DJs

Marcus Dowling of Do Androids Dance recently brought a very intriguing project to light. He interviewed Peruvian artist Le'Roy (real name: Roy Flores), who's undertaken an EDM art project. Le'Roy says, "I want to make a huge expo about EDM artwork. I’ll paint 22 of the best DJs from DJ Mag‘s rankings, the ones who get talked about the most in the press, and the ones I knew who were the best electro house and big room that I like.”

In a society where DJs are quickly becoming the new rock stars, it makes sense that an artist would be interested in painting 22 of the biggest DJs in the world. Despite dance music's massive popularity in Peru's fellow South American country, Brazil, Le'Roy revealed that his native country is a bit behind the times. He said, "In Peru, dance fans are not very common. Most people like pop, rock or Spanish music. My interest comes from listening to radio around the world. I don’t like radio in Peru. I listen to BBC1, 3FM [from Amsterdam], and many other radio stations. I started searching it out, and became an EDM lover.”

Le'Roy is planning to digitally paint all the DJs, but he also put together a deadmau5 piece that was created with acrylic and pens. Watch a video of its creation below.

Le'Roy started off painting for advertisements, and he recently made the decision to improve his ability to digitally paint. To get better at digital painting, he made the decision to start digitally painting some of his favorite DJs. He digitally painted the three members of Swedish House Mafia to kick off the project. Take a look at the three portraits below.


He told Do Androids Dance, "[I realized] it would be interesting for the digital art industry if I did this. I’m getting better at it. I created EDM Artwork to combine two things I love into one. I wanted to present paintings and artwork related to EDM, [yet I realized] this could be done for every genre in music. Mainly, I painted the digital portraits to honor the DJs that I love to hear.”

Le'Roy has a big vision for his paintings. He said, "“As an artist, I have to present my own expo [in order to create a bridge]. I want to do it as if it were a rave. Show artwork on big screens, while the music of the DJs is being played. It will combine music, effects, merchandising and everything. It’s already planned. It’s a six-hour show.”

Dowling of Do Androids Dance also asked Le'Roy if he was interested in bringing the paintings to festivals in the United States and around the world. He replied, "Yes! I really haven’t thought a lot about it, but I would obviously love to do this everywhere. Given that I’m painting 22 very popular DJs, I think people would appreciate seeing this worldwide.”

Le'Roy is still working on the paintings. Whenever they're revealed, we will let our readers know.

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