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Jauz Drops A Heavy Remix Of ‘Sugar’ By Five Knives

This remix will take you to the future.

Nashville's growing rock n' roll-meets-electronica group Five Knives released a brand new single “Sugar” on Red Bull Records earlier this year, and this week it received a futuristic and bass-certified revamp from the talented up-and-coming producer Jauz. For those unaware of either parties, Five Knives is a leader in genre-blending productions, acting as a live band that incorporates elements of rock, punk, electro, and electronica all into one party-driven aesthetique. Jauz, the 21-year-old wunderkind from Los Angeles, has had a monumental year thanks to his festival anthems such as "Feel The Volume" and remix of Childish Gambino's "3005."

The original track highlights Five Knives' classic style utilizing the strong vocals from Anna Worstell and heavy synth riffs that deliver their iconic rock n’ roll-meets-EDM sound, and Jauz effectively works alongside Five Knive’s key sound to introduce his own specialized style of boundary-less productions. Jauz’s remix of “Sugar” injects deep bass synths that compliment the heavy synth riffs from the original, and it's sheer weight in bass has truly redefined the term "heavy." Take a listen to the remix and get your free download below!

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