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EDM.com Spotlight

Pandora Shares Incredible Data About EDM In The U.S.

Pandora releases maps about EDM listeners in each state

Music streaming services are essential in delivering what music fans love. Pandora, a universal platform that serves music stations for listeners around the globe, connects with music and fans in a way that is not possible through traditional radio play. Equipped with the ability to personalize music stations, Pandora’s service is supreme when it comes to studying music fanatics’ listening habits.

Pandora recently shared data of EDM’s popularity on the platform, along with its top-spinning electronic song in each state. The list only includes electronic music’s most recent releases within the past 90 days, and is mostly reflective of the month of October. 

The discovery came in both expected and surprising ways. Pandora revealed the top played EDM song in nineteen different states was “Heroes” (We Could Be) by Alesso feat. Tove Lo, followed by “Are We Faded” by Dim Mak trio Keys N Krates. Some of these over-indexed spins were anticipated, while others were more infrequent, and it helped disclose a state’s particular taste in EDM. Deep house initiative Croquet Club’s song “Breath” was most popular in East Coast states like Florida and Georgia, along with West Coast states like California.

New York, a state highly recognized for its advanced love in electronic music, also favored the deep house sound, with the state's most played track being "Favourite Addiction" by Hot Creations duo Digitaria featuring Clarian. Other states preferred the electro and progressive house sounds, with “When We Were Young” by Dillon Francis & Sultan & Ned Shepard being the most-spun track in Iowa, and David Guetta’s “Lover On The Sun” taking the same title in Colorado.

Another US map also displayed a geographic breakdown of the percentage of Pandora users that listened to EDM radio stations. Having analyzed each state’s electronic musical traits by percentage of spins, the state with the most EDM listening on Pandora was surprisingly Nebraska, followed close behind by New Jersey and California. Pandora’s listener measurements also revealed states with the lowest percentages of EDM preferred areas, such as Mississippi, Montana, and Delaware.

Overall, eighteen states in the US fell into the lower percentage of EDM listeners, while the thirty-two other states remained with a high statistic of listeners. Even though Alaska wasn't shown on the map above, the state still had an EDM listening spin percent of .32. Ultimately, it is evident that the majority of U.S. states fell near or very close to the average of .49, however when observing the overall map, there didn't seem to be any similarity in trends by coast or region.

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