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Bassnectar Enjoys Bands More Than EDM & Will Bring 'Musical Experience' To Madison Square Garden

In a recent interview with Billboard, Bassnectar touched on a variety of interesting topics. The superstar producer talked about his love for bands and indifference towards EDM. Also, he discussed his upcoming show at Madison Square Garden.

When asked if he felt like this generation’s Grateful Dead, he said: “No! Yes! It’s weird. I know I’m a DJ, and I love the nineties rave scene in the nineties, but I do identify more with bands than EDM. I have no interest in EDM. Bands like Nine Inch Nails, Rage Against the Machine, Tool, Coldplay, they get to do what they want because their fans aren’t saying, 'I’m a rock 'n' roll fan.' No, they say, 'I’m a Tool fan.' It’s about the band, not an umbrella genre, and that’s the vibe I get from my fans.”

Bassnectar makes a great point: EDM is an umbrella term that includes all electronic music producers of today. Compare your favorite DJs and producers to the legendary bands from the 1960s and 1970s. The difference between the music cultures of rock 'n' roll and EDM is that the bands of rock 'n' roll were the center piece. In EDM, it can be difficult to find DJ loyalty like there is with band loyalty.

Bassnectar was then asked if he thought EDM’s culture would change as a result of the negative reputations live events were developing. He had this to say: “I feel less qualified to talk about it these days because it’s moving away from me and I’m moving away from it. I’m very disenchanted by a lot of what I’m hearing in the larger pop and mainstream stuff. It just doesn’t grab me, pretty much at all. Noise Vs. Beauty was just me making sounds I liked and not caring what tempo they were or whether they’d fit into other DJs sets. That’s the future for me. I don’t know what’s going to happen to the mainstream douches up in f---in' Vegas.”

In regards to his upcoming performance at Madison Square Garden, Bassnectar said, "I’m not just playing beats to make people dance. It can't all be peak. Sometimes, the best moments are when film scores from Inception or American Beauty play as softly as possible before unfolding into something unexpected. It’s not about, 'where’s the drop, where’s the drop.' It’s a musical experience."

Also, Bassnectar announced on Facebook that he’ll be giving away free tracks every week from his upcoming Noise vs Beauty remix pack, which will feature over 20 remixes, bonus Bassnectar remixes, and brand new material. He released one free song today, and you can listen to it below.

Written by Jimmy Schleisman

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