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Amp Live Explains Fusion of Reggae & EDM, Discusses ‘Signs’ Remix by LabRat

LabRat's remix of Amp Live and Eric Rachmany's 'Signs' pushes the boundaries of EDM

Amp Live is an artist that knows what’s up. From past collaborations with artists ranging from Lincoln Park to Talib Kweli, his most recent album, Headphone Concerto, brilliantly exposes his wide reaching skill set by incorporating a myriad of genres and sounds. In addition to the hip hop beats he is known for, Live seamlessly mixes in orchestral riffs that string the entire album into one cohesive production.

Standing out the most however, is the reggae infused track, ‘Signs,’ featuring Rebelution’s Eric Rachmany on vocals. In a recent interview with Amp Live, I was able to pick his brain about the inspiration of this track, the remix done by LabRat, in addition to getting his thoughts about reggae’s place in the EDM scene today.

When asked about the inspiration behind the original ‘Signs’ track, Live explains that he’s worked with Rebelution before, and wanted to do a collaboration with Rachmany where a reggae vibe was truly at the forefront. He notes that reggae is malleable as a genre because makes room for both rap vocals in addition to melodic vocals. The foundation reggae has on themes of positivity and good vibes also adds to his appreciation for the genre.

Live fully acknowledges the fluid relationship between EDM and reggae, not only because it’s so unique from the big room house melodies that saturate the airwaves, but also because of reggae’s similar emphasis on bass and drum sounds. He states that “in EDM, that’s something people want, which makes [reggae] so good to mix with.”

Commenting on the outcome of the LabRat remix, Live mentions his genuine appreciation for the manner in which LabRat preserves most of the chord progressions and vocals. He likens it to a track “you can spin at 12 o’clock as opposed to 9 o’clock,” in explaining LabRat's ability to adds a great deal of energy into the track.

As for what’s ahead, Live mentions that a remix album of Headphone Concerto is in the works, in addition to a Headphone Concerto Part II. The anticipated sequel, set to be released in February, will have a “darker” feel that is more hip-hop laden. Additionally, there is more to come as far as collaborations between Rachmany and Live go, with an album stated to be in the works.

For now, be sure to check out Headphone Concerto, and appreciate the enhancements made by LabRat in his remix of ‘Signs!’

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