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13 Of EDM's Most Classic Songs Made For Halloween

Put some fright in your night with these 13 tracks

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the greatest holidays of the year. Although it's technically not a "holiday" per se, people still use the night's festivities as an excuse to dress up and celebrate their more mischievous sides. Musicians have always taken a fancy to the day's spooky atmospheres, and the realm of dance music producers is certainly no exception.

No matter what your costume or plans may be this Halloween, we've collected 13 bone-chilling and creepy EDM tracks that you must include in your late-night tomfoolery. From Bassnectar to Figure to Gesaffelstein, here are our favorite Halloween-themed tracks of the last few years.

Demons - Zeds Dead

The eerie nature of Zeds Dead's 2013 single "Demons" stands as the perfect addition to our Halloween playlist, providing bone-chilling piano melodies and a punching bass line that would turn even the purest of EDM fans into zombie-disco lovers.

Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites - Skrillex

What is a good Halloween soundtrack without Skrillex's breakout release, "Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites?" Despite the track's obvious notoriety and excessive playtime since its release, the uplifting melodies and freakish growls proved that Skrillex truly harnesses some of the most evil of sounds in EDM.

The Shining - CAZZETTE

The Shining is widely-regarded one of the scariest movies ever produced, and CAZZETTE's homage to the frightening film provides the perfect combination of dancefloor elements and murderous samples.

Party Monster - Krewella

Krewella highlighted their more "evil" side with their hardstyle-meets-trap smasher "Party Monsters," and their music video demonstrates that the two have what most of us may describe as "satanic tendencies".

Psychotic - Alvin Risk

With a name like "Psychotic," it's impossible to dismiss this screeching single from our Halloween list. From its ear-piercing vocal samples to its medley of lazer synths, Alvin Risk unleashed his inner psycho on this one.

Spooked - Bro Safari feat. DJ Craze

Just in time for 2012's Halloween, Bro Safari and DJ Craze teamed up to create a sync-dj's worst nightmare - a scratch-filled, vocal-chopped trap anthem for spooky dancefloors everywhere.

Ghosts n Stuff - Deadmau5

Deadmau5 released his inner ghost on this classic, incorporating the vocal work of Rob Swire and this ghoulish music video to top.

Halloween Funtime REMIXMONSTRousMASHup - Pretty Lights

Pretty Light's remix of the infamous Halloween soundtrack takes spooky to a whole new level as he flips the haunting piano melody into a breakbeat jam.

Werewolf - Figure

The heavy bass "Prince of Darkness" Figure is notorious for providing haunting releases for every horror-film fanatic. His lycanthropic drumstep anthem harnesses the true meaning of Halloween with eery radio samples and animalistic bass sounds.

Hexes - Bassnectar

Originally produced for the soundtrack of the zombie-slaying film Resident Evil, Bassnectar's "Hexes" is a bone-chilling dubstep track that will rattle the bones of any zombie fan.

Vampire Nightclub (Max Chapman Remix) - Art Department feat. Seth Troxler

Art Department & Seth Troxler's original "Vampire Nightclub" sets a dark and ominous tone for any dancefloor, yet Max Chapman's remix really brings out the haunted feel to this groovy track.

Hellifornia - Gesaffelstein

The French techno producer Gesaffelstein went to hell and back on this single for his debut album Aleph, and "Hellifornia" demonstrates the truely haunted capabilities of a West Coast synth in this tune.

Chainsaw Calligraphy - 16bit

This one is an oldie for sure, but the there is no better title to describe the psychotic bass frequencies displayed in 16bit's "Chainsaw Calligraphy."

Honorable Mention - RL Grime's 2014 Halloween Mix

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