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Dirty South Releases New Album 'With You' Along With New Short Film

Dirty South Crafts Powerful Album-Film Combo

Dirty South is a Grammy-nominated DJ and producer that is gearing up to release his second studio album, With You. The 12-track journey explores piano drifts, pleasant breakaways, and an emotional sensation to the listener with soothing vocals. The sophomore album manifests a passionate utopia of melodic resonance.

Soon after the completion of the record, Dragan Roganovic steered his ambitions into directing and producing a short-film to accompany the album. The cinematic masterpiece maps out the love story of a boy and girl coming from two parallel worlds. “In the back of my mind, I was inspired by filmmaking, and that’s what made me make this kind of album,” Dragan said in a Skype interview from Los Angeles. “It was more like a soundtrack.”

The remarkable multi-sensory project is undoubtedly establishing new grounds for the dance music scene. “Every piece of artwork from the album are frames from the movie,” the Serbian producer said. Showcasing his imaginative vision of an epic romance, the music works with the movie and artwork to inspire each other. “It’s like this big circle of art.” The maxim of the project, ‘See The Album, Hear The Movie,’ expresses the connection of emotion and design in this visual aesthetic.

The lead single from the album "Unbreakable" premiered on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1, and it evokes a serene fanaticism in a beautifully harmonic tune. As the anticipation for the full album release continues to build, fans have received another phenomenal piece, "Freefallin" feat. Gita Lake, available as a free download. Dragan explained his crafting of the powerful track "With You" - “It’s like a little emotional roller coaster, but it’s a really quick one. The point is to keep you on your toes and make you rewind and play it again,” Dragan said. “Every time I listen to it, I want to play it back again in a loop, so hopefully people feel the same way.”

The album features tranquil lyrics from a variety of vocalists, including Sam Martin, Ruben Haze, SomeKindaWonderful, and more. “It was really about working with fresh, new talent,” Dragan mentioned as he described his love for discovering new artistry in the scene. The organic process of selecting vocalists is for listeners to “judge the sound of the music by the sound of the music, not by who it is.”

The Astralwerks artist intends to remix his own tracks off the album as well. “As a DJ, some of these songs are not DJ friendly. They are more songs you can listen to,” Dragan said. “At the same time, I love DJing and I want to play these songs out, so I am creating club versions.”

Moving forward, Dragan is already working on another film project, stating “I’m in an idea stage at the moment.” His forthcoming album With You is set to be released November 4.

Listen to the exclusive stream of With You, Pre-Order on iTunes, or preview the album below.

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