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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 31

These downright spooky drops are sure to spice up your Halloween

Let it be known that the filth is on full tilt for this week. Volume 31 is far from your ordinary dirty drop gathering. Made up of five (yes, five) songs from SMOG Record's Battle Royale Vol. 1, there is no point during this dubstep recap to slow down and catch your breath. We come sprinting out of the gate with these ten fabulous tunes, so you are going to need to give it your all if you plan on keeping pace. Lets see what you got.

10. Slosh - Don't Do It

Slosh is on the verge of making a huge splash, so I can only hope that you innocent civilians are adequately prepared for the thunderstorm of bass lurking in the distance. Helping make up half of his two-track Giant EP, “Don’t Do It” is the song that is sure to grab the attention of every dubstep addict from here to the moon and back. Arranged around a couple face-melting drops, this nasty number bombards your eardrums with a barrage of wonderfully wicked sounds. Slosh is clearly on the come up, so who is down to get dirty?  

9. DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down For What (Genetix Bootleg)

Here at dubstep grime central, Genetix have already made a habit of booking frequent visits. When the duo’s badass bootleg of DJ Snake & Lil Jon’s “Turn Down For What” first made its presence felt, it was almost as if a ominous shadow of filth had consumed the entire light of day. With this cyclone of contaminated bass spinning wildly out of control, my natural reaction was to run to the hills screaming like a madman. While you might be used to drops that persuade you to flail your arms and legs, these powerful drops will actually keep your appendages in perpetual movement. Genetix plans on making your exhaust all of your energy for this one.

8. Megalodon & Supreme - Crystal Clear

We knew that Megalodon could not stay quiet for long. Following up the successful release of his collab EP with Habstrakt (titled The Storm), he is now collaborating with another incredibly gifted producer in the dance music industry. Supreme has been progressing at an unbelievable rate recently and this promising young star is rapidly assembling a lengthy resume. Now, as for the tune itself, “Crystal Clear” immediately establishes itself as a force to be reckoned with. Stocked with some drops that are capable of removing your dome clean off of your shoulders, bass music this heavy has been known to leave droves of listeners headless. Pick your ears up off the ground and allow them to become better acquainted with Megalodon & Supreme.

7. Dubloadz & London Nebel - Battle Mode

Excluding MUST DIE!, there are very few producers that get me more excited than Dubloadz. I am not quite sure what it is about his style that instantly draws me in every time, but I honestly cannot recall a release of his in the past year that I would not give a perfect 10 out of 10 score. To add some more suspense to this situation, London Nebel was also kind enough to contribute to the almighty “Battle Mode.” Featured on Never Say Die’s prestigious Black Label Vol. 3, this beat-em-up bass blaster hits you with drops so massive that they would dwarf a blue whale. Dubloadz & London Nebel are about to blow you out of the water with this newbie.

6. Ponicz & Barron - Flava

Barron’s name has been drifting around the dubstep scene for quite awhile now. Ponicz, on the other hand, is really starting to make his mark. With prominent producers like 12th Planet & Getter (plus many others) now rinsing out his tunes on the regular, it would appear that his staggering sound is here to stay. And trust me, for a dubstep fiend like myself, that is some of the best news I have heard in months. “Flava” has seen its fair share of exposure in live sets, but in the confines of your own home, this tune’s drops are considered more dangerous than the FBI’s 10 most wanted list. Between the on-point vocal samples and savage synth work, you would be wise to handle this track with extra care.

5. M A Z E & Dubloadz - Swamp City

Well, that did not take long for Dubloadz to show up again. Having said that, with a song like “Swamp City” under his belt, we should have known that this pesky producer would not go away quietly. However, instead of recruiting the services of London Nebel this time around, King Loadz reached out to the one and only M A Z E. For those of you not in the (dubstep) know, this musician has been on an unprecedented hot streak as of late. Whether he is creating his own originals or being remixed by respected names, it is pretty obvious that the M A Z E takeover is real. “Swamp City” showcases some bog-dwelling drops like you have never heard before. So mosey on down to your nearest marsh and prepare to party with some real swamp monsters.

4. Dodge & Fuski vs. Barely Alive - Poison

Ever since Dodge & Fuski resurfaced with “Cat & Mouse,” dubstep diehards everywhere have been completely beside themselves Then, to make things even better, the former duo (now just Dodge) linked up with the current duo of Barely Alive. Chances are when you get one of my favorite producers from back in the day in the same room as one of the most potential-packed pairings in the bass music business, there are bound to be some tip-top drops in attendance. From the opening vocal sample until the final note, these three warriors of the wobbles hold absolutely nothing back on “Poison.” Compared to this noxious track, cyanide pills seem like a fairly healthy alternative.

3. Trampa - Jam Rock

Our second selection from Black Label Vol. 3 comes to us courtesy of Trampa. Just think Genetix mixed with The Frim and that will tell you everything you need to know about the invincible “Jam Rock.” Exuding similar characteristics to a heavy metal thrasher, this chaotic bass tune definitely gives you more than enough bang for your buck. Lawbreaking dubstep drops like these can only be located on death row. So if your existence is something you cherish, then you might want to think twice before blinding hopping into this humdinger from Trampa.

2. Haunta & Invictous - 2000EMU

One of the most intriguing aspects of Haunta & Invictous’ “2000EMU,” is the absurd amount of praise it has received from their peers. Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I saw a live dubstep show and at least one of the acts did not bust out this big time bruiser. With both of these producers poised to leave their stamp on the bass music scene, you would be making a fool of yourself by underestimating these two teenager’s astounding abilities. In regards to the drops themselves, they have a worse temper than the world’s most ill-behaved child. Haunta & Invictous are here to stay, and I for one, could not be happier.

1. Bommer & Crowell - Yasuo

If I did not assign this tune to our #1 spot, somebody should seriously consider revoking my dubstep writing privileges. I mean, c’mon people, who are we kidding? “Yasuo” is not only one of the most beloved dubstep songs of the year, it is one of the best EDM releases of 2014, period. Clearly we went a little collab crazy with this week’s segment, but none of them quite measure up to this bass music masterpiece from Bommer & Crowell. There is just something special about this track’s timeless drops that never grows old on you. Bommer & Crowell are without doubt the undisputed champs for Volume 31.

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