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Steve Aoki Highlights Career With Larry King

Steve Aoki’s latest album ‘Neon Future 1’ is now #1 on the iTunes Dance Charts.  Click here to purchase the album.

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Written by Brett Thompson

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Larry King interviewed Steve Aoki on the night of Neon Future’s release day September 30th, 2014. Over the course of the interview, Steve Aoki discusses with Larry King what EDM stands for, what DJs specifically do, how Las Vegas has become an influential city for EDM, and why he has such a passion for throwing cake.

Aoki was influenced by Google’s Director of Engineering, Ray Kurzweil. Steve Aoki interviewed Ray Kurzweil in his series ‘Neon Future Sessions,’ and used a soundbyte for his opening track ‘Transcendence.” Aoki also credits Ray Kurzweil to “opening me up to the future in this way.” Aoki credits his father, Rocky Aoki, with his showmanship and his flare for entertaining others. More than anything Steve wanted to prove to his father that he could become successful all on his own and be his own man.  Rocky never helped Steve in any financial way, but he was Steve’s main influence in life.

You can watch the full interview with Larry King below: