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Study Reveals EDC & Coachella Are Social Media's Most Shared Festivals

As the music festival industry grows at a rapid pace, event organizers develop ways to engage social media and sell more tickets. However, with more festivals sprouting up year by year, the competition to claim social media dominance becomes more heated. ShareThis, a service dedicated to efficiently sharing web content via the platform's ubiquitious widget, released the findings of an extensive study on how often certain festivals are shared through social media and the various trends that emerge from the festival season. 

EDC Vegas and Coachella emerge as the clear winners of social media's most shared festivals, with Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo following closely behind. ShareThis' findings show that a good percentage of festivals' social media engagement is devoted to celebrity gossip and the various fashion trends, often times being prioritized over the musicians performing at the festivals. EDC resisted the celebrity-focused shares, with 81 percent of engagement dedicated to the actual musicians. To help illustrate the real-world impact of EDC, Billboard estimated the festival had a whopping $322 million economic impact on Las Vegas. The study also showed the important role of festivals driving up the amount of social media sharing by state, with EDC Vegas shooting up Nevada's sharing activity by 200 percent. States with the most sharing included California, Nevada, Texas, Florida, and New York. 

The study shows the best way to engage social media is through cross-device marketing, with over 50 percent of sharing occuring during a festival through smart phones and tablets. Facebook ranks as the social media platform with the most lineup reveal shares with 76 percent engagement, followed by Twitter and Pinterest. Interestingly, 62 percent of sharing comes from females while only 38 percent comes from males. ShareThis also analyzed the growth of sharing from brands like Heineken and H&M during festival season, with Heineken's sponsorship of Coachella and H&M's Coachella pool parties lifting their brand awareness. Finally, the study showed that Kanye West leads the pack as the most shared artist of festival season due to his highly publicized marriage to Kim Kardashian and his controversial performances at festivals like Bonnaroo. 

Go to ShareThis to see the full study. 

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