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Listen To What Diplo Sounded Like 10 Years Ago With 2 Unreleased Tracks

Years before his hit track "Express Yourself" inspired millions of twerkers across the globe, Diplo released an experimental album: Florida. Named for the producer's affinity for the sunshine state, Florida may surprise many recent Diplo fans. The album's sounds draw comparisons to trip hop producers like RJD2 and Nujabes as opposed to the trap and reggae-infused staples of Diplo's current output.

In celebration of Florida's ten-year anniversary, Big Dada, the label who released the album, will reissue the album as well as Diplo's Epistemology Suite EP. They will also unveil five unreleased tracks for release on Black Friday. In anticipation of the reissue, Diplo provided two of the five unreleased tracks produced during the Florida sessions to Rolling Stone. "Into The Sun" features English singer-songwriter Martina Topley Bird while "As I Lay Dying" resembles a more modern Diplo track. 

Stream the two unreleased tracks below.

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