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11 EDM-Heavy Movie Soundtracks

As EDM continues to take over the world, Hollywood has shown their willingness to jump on the bandwagon. Over the past couple of years, electronic music has exploded in the film industry. From huge blockbuster films to smaller independent movie productions, EDM has become an iconic musical platform for films of all different genres. Here are some of the most notable electronic tracks from recent films.

22 Jump Street

Released earlier this year, 22 Jump Street is arguably the most electronically influenced blockbuster of the year. Including artists like DJ Snake, Duck Sauce, Bingo Players and Flosstradamus, this film's soundtrack, put together by Devo's Mark Motherbaugh, is definitely one to grove to. Here are a few of 22 Jump Street's biggest bangers.


The soundtrack for this year's action thriller, Divergent encompasses many notable EDM artists and tracks. With scores from Skrillex, Pretty Lights, and Zedd, this film utilizes a variety of different electronic styles that contribute to a variety of different emotions throughout the film. Divergent houses one of the move versatile soundtracks on the list.

Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers, released in 2012, pioneered the integration of mainstream EDM into the independent film culture. This film's dubstep-inspired soundtrack was composed by Skrillex and his partner on the film, Cliff Martinez. Skrillex’s sound certainly dominates this film, however, other recognizable artists like Gucci ManeWaka Flocka Flame, and Ellie Goulding were also pivotal in its creation.

Project X

Project X, released in 2012, features a plethora of various artists on it's soundtrack. The most recognizable EDM anthem in this film is undoubtedly Steve Aoki's remix to Kid Cudi's "Pursuit of Happiness." Steve Aoki, however, is not the only DJ that made the cut for this soundtrack; this film also features music from other notable EDM artists such as Bassnectar and A-Trak. Can't complain about that.

Let’s Be Cops

Released earlier this year, the film Let's Be Cops has one of the most trap-tastic soundtracks to date. With artists like Major Lazer, Diplo, Rusko and Doctor P. occupying its tracklist, this soundtrack goes hard.


Neighbors was released earlier this year, incorporated quite a few EDM icons into their track list. Showcasing artists like R3HAB, Bassjackers, Dillon Francis and Laidback Luke, this film seemed to know exactly how to reach the audience it desired. Being one of the members of that specific demographic, I would definitely say that the dance-driven electronic scores complement its youthful and comedic value.

The Bling Ring

The Bling Ring's musical score, released in 2013, houses some of the most well-known electronic figureheads that the EDM scene has to offer. With compositions from Deadmau5, Avicii and Richie Hawtin, it is evident that the soundtrack for this film is one worth checking out. Although all DJs are created equal, it is no secret that Avicii's instrumental rendition of  "Levels" is the most familiar track on the list. 

With EDM booming all over the big screen nowadays, I feel it is only appropriate to pay homage to some of the films that helped us get here. Here are a few of the older films that featured some of the most unforgettable electronic scores of their time.

Night at the Roxbury

The 1998 film Night at the Roxbury provided one of the most memorable theme songs of its times.


Also released in 1998, Blade is responsible for creating its own genre of EDM called "Blade Rave." It's rare that I don’t hear at least one track that I would subconsciously associate with Blade Rave at a music festival. Not only did this film provoke the growth of EDM through its soundtrack, but it continues to be an influence on electronic music today.


Tron, released in 2010, may not be one of the first films to showcase an EDM soundtrack, but the involvement of Daft Punk makes it stand out. Daft Punk composed the entire score for this film, flawlessly combining electronic music with the sounds of an 85-piece orchestra. Daft Punk’s signature digital sound and robotized beats are a pivotal part of the film’s overall cohesiveness.

The Jackal

In 1997, Bruce Willis and Richard Gere came together to film a heated action/thriller film that revolves around the hunt for a paid assassin. Most scenes in The Jackal that involved guns or car chases featured a thumping EDM-related track. This film's soundtrack featued the likes of GoldieThe Chemical BrothersThe ProdigyFatboy SlimLTJ BukemBTMoby, and many more.

Written by Madeline Donegan

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