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EDM.com Spotlight

Innovative Real-Time GIF Generated Video Unveiled For Henrik B's 'In Your Eyes'

In a stroke of marketing genius, Henrik B has coupled the preview for his upcoming track "In Your Eyes" with a website that generates a real-time GIF video based on the lyrics of the song. Once you head to www.gifitoldyou.com and press play on the song's SoundCloud preview, the site instantly begins to scrape the internet for GIFs that closely match the song's lyrics. This innovative method of creating a video should resonate with today's GIF-obsessed generation. 

Some of the more notable GIFs we saw during our personal, real-time generated video included Kanye West yelling, "I told you so," and Jack and Rose floating in the ocean after the Titanic had been struck by an iceberg. We recommend checking out the gifitoldyou.com website and experiencing your own personal GIF-generated video. This is an awesome concept, and we hope more producers give this a shot in the future. 

If you just want to hear the preview of "In Your Eyes" without the GIFs, we've included the audio below.

Spotify will premiere the full version of Henrik B's "In Your Eyes" on October 13th.

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