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The 'Netflix For Live Concerts' Launched Today

Jukely launched their Jukely Unlimited platform today, and it appears to be a dream come true for any music fan. Jukely Unlimited offers music lovers with a monthly subscription service to attend unlimited concerts for $25 per month. The service is being touted as the "Netflix for live concerts." This doesn't mean you will be watching concerts on your computer, though. All of these concerts will be shows that you can physically attend. The service launched in New York today, with 17 venues in the area currently participating. The platform promises that more venues and cities will be added soon. You can sign up by clicking here.

Jukely received $2.4 million in their most recent round of funding. Investors included early Spotify investors, Northzone, and ex-Warner Music executive Alex Zubillaga’s fund, 14W. This $2.4 million brought Jukely's overall seed funding to $3.3 million. Investors from Spotify, Pandora, and SoundCloud have all invested in Jukely.

Jukely Co-Founder Bora Celik said, “We created Jukely to make it easier for music fans around the world to discover and enjoy new live music, and with Jukely Unlimited we couldn’t be more excited to take this to the next level by offering unlimited concerts in your area. Jukely Unlimited couldn’t be easier to use – it even does the planning on its own and presents subscribers with the option to attend a broad range of shows!”

Jukely Unlimited is an intriguing concept, and it'll be interesting to see if it truly becomes the Netflix of live concerts. If you're obsessed with music, it might be worth trying out Jukely Unlimited for a month or two. We're not sure what type of concerts you'll be able to attend with Jukely Unlimited in the future, but hopefully, a lot of dance music venues will jump on board. This could potentially make seeing your favorite DJs much more affordable.

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