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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 28

Double the drops means double the fun.

Welcome one, welcome all. Wherever you come from on this big, beautiful earth of ours, we are happy that you decided to spend a couple moments of your day with us. Many of you have already heard the news that we have expanded our weekly dirty drop operation from five drops to ten drops. So for the first time ever, be prepared to take on twice the filth, double the grime, and bonus bass by the bushels. (On a small sidenote, Subject 31's Flow EP is beyond unsanitary, but since full-length versions of the songs were nearly impossible to locate, we decided against sharing them.) We plan on dishing out ten new drops every week, which means we expect to see you back here soon.

10. Datsik - Firepower (XaeboR Bootleg)

XaeboR has been loudly knocking on our front door for the previous few months and he finally got impatient enough to just kick the damn thing down. Datsik’s “Firepower” is one of the most iconic songs that dubstep has to offer, so you can imagine that revising this classic would come as quite the daunting task. Have no fear though, because XaeboR never thought twice about assembling these ridiculously damaging drops. And thank god that was the case, because the end result could not have turned out better.

9. Alpha Noize & Bass System - Infected (EH!DE Remix)

Is there anything EH!DE can’t do? Because as far as I can tell, the answer to that question is a resounding no. For those of you that keep a close eye on our daily activity around here at EDM.com, there is a high probability that you have already heard of Alpha Noize & Bass System. So when EH!DE rolled out his contaminated remix of “Infected,” it was only a matter of time until the disease-ridden drops began to attack our immune system. Drops this sick need to be quarantined.

8. Rekoil - Clean Up

It is kind of humorous that a tune named “Clean Up” would make it onto a segment about anything and everything dirty. But that is precisely the predicament we find ourselves in today. After Rekoil revealed his Resurface EP to the world a couple weeks ago, we found ourselves wondering how we could possibly cram all of these tracks into just one edition. Luckily for us, covering ten songs (as opposed to five) made that pipedream slightly more realistic. Think of these drops as the succulent appetizer before Rekoil’s main course.

7. Dodge & Fuski - Cat & Mouse

Either we must be hallucinating or we have taken a time machine back to 2011. All we know is that Dodge & Fuski are making dubstep again and there are very few things in this world that could get us more excited. As part of Disciple Recordings’ Disciple Alliance Vol. 1, “Cat & Mouse” is the type of nonstop wobble-fest that gets our dubstep juices flowing. Compared to all the enormous drops we typically share, these are a little easier on the ears. But never make the mistake of underestimating the almighty Dodge & Fuski.

6. Diamond Eyes - Leave

Well, while it might not be our dirtiest drop of the week, Diamond Eyes turned in a serious candidate for best overall drop of the week. Also featured on Disciple Alliance Vol. 1, this roaring sub-buster tears through your speakers from the first note until the last. You cannot help but be overcome with a feeling of uncontrollable euphoria when these drops reach your eardrums. Listen to “Leave” before it conquers the bass music demographic and you are left in the dust.

5. Point.Blank & EH!DE - Lizard

When it came time to pick a winner from Point.Blank’s Gyal Dem EP, we did not have to look any further than his mammoth collaboration with EH!DE. Upon hearing “Lizard” for the first time, we immediately began slithering to the face-erasing drops round-the-clock. Good luck trying to keep your wits about you when you rinse out this rowdy body-rocker, but lets just say we do not like your chances. These two producer’s styles blend together without a single blemish, it is truly remarkable.

4. Signal & Spectaphile - Emotive

As we continue to make our ascent towards the top three finalists for Vol. 28, Signal & Spectaphile chime in with the hot and heavy “Emotive.” Compared to the rest of the tracks on this week’s loaded lineup, this particular tune decides to take its grimy drops in an entirely different direction. Instead of being overwhelmed by a brute force of bass, Signal & Spectaphile dial up a change-of-pace dubstep spectacle unlike any other. Grab a shovel and start digging yourself a trench, because things are about to get deeper than ever before.

3. Midnight Tyrannosaurus & MuK – Lickers (Midnight Tyrannosaurus VIP)

How can we open a dirty drop competition to the public and not make a habit to include Midnight Tyrannosaurus on a regular basis? That is a rhetorical question, in case you were wondering. But in all seriousness, after this predator of a producer issued his 9K Free EP, we knew right away that at least one of the three songs would weasel its way onto our esteemed list. Both “Crystal” & “No Mans Land 2014” garnered some significant consideration, but it was his VIP of “Lickers” that left us feeling like we had just spent the previous evening stuffed inside a garbage can. This intimidating track is dinosaur-sized dubstep at its finest.

2. Rekoil - Now In Color!

We warned you that Rekoil would be back for more, and we were not lying. Easily the apple of our eye since day one, “Now In Color!” is the kind of bass tune that does not take no for an answer. The way we see it, you have two logical options. The first is just listening to the track outright. The second pertains to those of you that think you are crafty enough to avoid the fallout from our dirty drop escapades. For you individuals, we are sending Rekoil straight to your house armed only with a massive loudspeaker and this tear-em-apart bass ballad. We would love to see you make it out of this dire situation alive, but the odds are clearly stacked against you.

1. Habstrakt & Megalodon - The Storm EP

Rules were meant to be broken, right? Well, we are just relieved you agree, because for the first time in this segment’s short history, we are bringing you an entire EP. Trust me, anybody out there that has heard Habstrakt & Megalodon’s The Storm EP won’t even dare to question this semi-controversial decision. But how can four songs occupy a single slot, you ask? Look people, it was either that or 40% of our countdown would consist of music from Habstrakt & Megalodon. We would like to think that we made the wise decision. Plus, once you get a whiff of the filthy drops from “Yabba Dabs,” “The Storm,” “Revenge,” and “Riddim 101,” raw sewage will literally smell like a bouquet of flowers. Collaborations of this caliber are a rarity, and to get four of them all at once is what we call a dubstep perfect storm.

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