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Wisdom In EDM: The Best Quotes By Our Favorite Artists

In a world where stupidity and negligence can be rife, it is incredibly refreshing to see dance music artists presenting their wise, important views of the world around us. It truly takes courage to speak out against the wrongs in the our industry and scene, but the way that many artists have highlighted the positive aspects of our scene proves that there is a lot more depth and substance to dance music than the internet portrays.

EDM.com has collected a list of quotes allegedly attributed to a number of dance music’s most respected artists, and they have not only made us think more highly of the artists who created them, but also have made us think more profoundly about dance music scene as a whole.

Frankie Knuckles

Nobody can agree on who invented the blues or birthed rock & roll, but there is no question that house music came from the late Frankie Knuckles - a godfather of dance music. One of the 80s and 90s' most prolific house music producers, Knuckles is hands down one of the most important DJs of all time, and his views on the dance music world deserve to be remembered and commemorated. 

“If you’re in this business for money and fame, get out of the way of those who are serious musicians.”

“The long and short of it is this: Who’s surviving in this business? There were so many guys back then that were so critical about me and everything I was doing that are not even around doing shit anymore today. I’m not sitting in judgment of myself or anybody else, and if I have an opinion I keep it to myself, because that’s what gentlemen do.”

Armin Van Buuren

The "Humble Dutchman" Armin van Buuren is highly regarded in the music industry not only for his tracks, but also for his nice-guy mannerisms and incredible attitude towards his career.



In addition to holding a rich musical history, including the classical training of a number of instruments - the multi-talented 25-year-old knows how to drop an amazing set and make a huge crowd jump up and down in unison with their fists in the air. His musical knowledge seems to only be enhanced by his knowledge and understanding of the scene.

"Being yourself is what will make you survive through anything. If you make music to please someone, it's the first step in the wrong direction. Always do what you believe in, no matter what people say. Only way to go!" 

“I have to admit, I’m a little confused by some young fans nowadays and their behavior and reaction on artists' success. When I was a young kid, the only thing I wished for my favorite bands was exposure and success. I’d celebrate if I heard/saw them on the TV/Radio."

"I remember hearing about ‘Billy Talent’ on MTV. I will forever love MTV for that - they made me discover a band I’ve listened to for years! It’s 2013 - you now hear people say 'I heard my favorite song on the radio. Thanks for ruining it.' This reaction is completely paradox to me."

"Another thing is, I remember seeing my favorite artists in a way that was ‘untouchable’. I’m glad Twitter brings artists and fans closer BUT that turned people into being rude and saying mean things to the artist just to get attention and an answer. Such selfish stupid behavior."

"It feels like fans want to ‘own’ the artist and decide over their music, shows and give their 2 cents on everthing. Sometimes you gotta let the artist be and either accept what an artist puts out creatively or just listen to something else. Anyway, I usually prefer for people to make their own thoughts than make thoughts for them… but this car ride was just really fucking long.” 


Kaskade is one of EDM's more eloquent ambassadors. The veteran DJ injects some much-needed perspective into the EDM community’s conversation - known for setting the record straight on a number of issues in the dance music world.


"Our audience is intelligent and kind, discriminating only in regards to which sound they like best. Our audience is unprecedented in their drive to proactively support each other."

Carl Cox

A musical ambassador since he was in short trousers, a professional DJ since his early teens, a veteran of acid house and a champion of techno, Carl Cox emits a love of his work that is dangerously infectious and he really depicts this through his use of words.

"I don’t think it’s ‘underground vs. overground’ I think it’s just pop culture vs. the people who actually love the music. Some of these people have no idea why they’re standing infront of these djs in the first place."

"It's all about respect, respect to the music, respect to the DJs, respect to the crowd, and respect to each other. It's all music, music never separates people!"

Henry Fong

There is plenty of buzz revolving around the young gun Henry Fong as of late. Fong's meteoric growth rate seems like another aeon when paralelled to his College party DJing days.

With growth comes the lovers, and the haters, and Fong recently voiced his 2 cents on the issue.

"Lately I've been seeing more negative hate comments on every DJs' SoundClouds, YouTubes, and Facebooks than ever before. Ironically enough, a lot of the people trolling and leaving these comments also happen to be aspiring DJs and producers themselves."

"Now think about some of the top tier DJs and their path to success. Let's take Calvin Harris for example, one of the most successful, talented, and self made guys in the industry right now. When he was rising to the top do you think he ever trolled anyone's SoundCloud with hate comments? Absolutely the fuck NOT. He probably didn't even have time to because he was busting his ass so hard making music. "

"Its pretty simple guys, if you have time to troll and stir up drama, you aren't spending enough time honing your craft and most likely will never end up successful. Sounds blunt but its the truth. Cheers to more positivity!"

Richie Hawtin

The original plastik technocrat, Richie Hawtin has walked his own path through music and always done it his way. He has dedicated his life to producing and progressing electronic music, and as a result travelled all over the world and since become one of the most esteemed artists on the planet - there is no doubt Hawtin has a wealth of knowledge we need to tap into.

“As more people have come into our scene, and have started to enjoy our culture, I feel that perhaps not all of them really understand the depths and diversity and how beautiful our culture is. It’s not just about superstar DJ’s.”

Tommie Sunshine

One of the biggest supporters of the dance music scene, everything Tommie Sunshine tweets, blogs or posts is so valid - it all just makes complete sense. 

The scene champion has proven his consistency in taking aim at anyone sounding the death-knell for EDM. The music we love, he argues, is only going up from here. His 20+ years of EDM wisdom is relatively un-matched in the scene, so if you’re wanting to broaden your industry-knowledge horizons - be sure to take a read of his stuff.

If three quotes aren't enough, his guest editorial on inthemix is definitely worth a few minutes of your time.

"Never listen to anyone about what to do or how to do it when it comes to your career; let your heart lead the way. Be prepared to suffer for your art and never focus on fame or money as neither of those make a man happy. I also highly suggest you fall in love."

"Everyone deserves to experience the joy we experience on the dance floor as the bass line drops. Come on in! The music is great, the people are warm and we've got a spot saved for you on the floor." (Read the full article here)

Written by Lauren Mikkor

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