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EDM.com Spotlight

3DM Aims To Be The Most Unique Visual Experience In History

The World’s First 3D Music Festival.

This Halloween, 3DM Music Festival presents a thrilling audio-visual experience. The one-day event is bringing futuristic beats and heavy dance floor rhythms, simultaneously with a remarkable 3D show of color that shape-shifts and changes with the music.

Unlike any other multi-sensory attempt before, 3DM Festival has configured an advanced technological system that requires attendees to wear 3D glasses in order to create stereoscopic graphics in real time. To further understand this advanced technology, EDM.com spoke to Eric Deren from Dzignlight Studios, a design member for 3DM Music Festival.

Deren has twenty years of experience in stereoscopic 3D technology, and he explained to us how he completely steps outside the realm of standard VJ paradigms for this project. Deren says, “Every one of the millions of pixels the audience will see is being generated less than 1/60th of a second before they see it. My team and the computer systems will be live-adapting the visuals directly to the music as it comes out of our monitors.”

Expressional layers of algorithmically-generated visuals will adapt to the mood and energy of the music, and the 3D movements of live dancers and performers will be live-scanned and used to drive aspects of the 3D visual system as well. According to Deren, “The movements of her full body will be 3D scanned 30 times per second, and our systems will be using the vast amounts of collected movement data to allow her to manipulate the algorithms in real-time. She controls hundreds of aspects of the visuals with her body, such as shape, dynamics, texture, movement, color, etc. Basically, the system will have a literal soul driving the visuals.”

Both visually and aesthetically pleasing, hundreds of LED lights will transform the night. In fact, Eric Deren informed us “The audience will never experience the same image twice, even if they go to several shows.”

A computer-generated simulation of the 3DM experience.

Incomparable to 2D VJ technology, the system uses a suite of custom-written computer algorithms to control the stereoscopic visual stimulation at the 3DM Festival. The visuals for the show are not pre-generated, and they use no video playback systems, presenting an entirely live 3D world that coincides with every “individual artists' NOTE and BEAT.” Unlike 2D shows, which project 2D video and photographs onto a semi-transparent backdrop screen, the expert 3DM animation design team is taking it a step further with its massive 75'x25' bright LED wall.

When comparing it to Eric Prydz 3.0 visuals, Deren points out any 2D technique “is not and will not ever be 'holographic.'  The 2D video that made the rounds on Facebook looked great because you naturally assumed that things shown on a 2D screen had depth. Our brains are used to making this extrapolation while watching 2D videos. But for the live crowd, the Prydz system looks no more 'holographic' than any other flat, 2D video projected on a semi-transparent screen hanging over the stage.  The 3DM system is generating full stereoscopic 3D visuals, with a different view for each eye. Our technique isn't 'holographic' either, but we are presenting things in actual stereoscopic depth, behind, around, and in front of the the DJ stage. I don't feel there is a comparison to the Prydz show visuals.” Simply put, 2D representations of the 3DM visuals do not do the live experience justice.

3DM Music Festival will take place November 1 at Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Rhode Island. After $80 million in renovations, the 12,400 seat arena is an ideal modern venue to host stunning sound and technology. The music festival lineup includes Carnage, Datsik, Will Sparks and others. The sonic phenomenon promises to be a psychedelic sensation for all attendees: “To be completely candid and forthcoming, it's way cooler-looking than I was expecting it to be. I'm pretty excited to show it to the EDM world.” Check out the 3DM Music Festival trailer and flyer below.

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