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EDM.com Spotlight

Bassnectar Announces A New Side Project & Releases A Free Remix

As you may have heard, Bassnectar has announced that he will release one new remix from his upcoming NVSB Remix Pack every week, as well as some bonus Bassnectar remixes and brand new material. This week’s remix of his song “Lost In The Crowd" was produced by the mysterious “LOCOJA.” Bassnectar originally claimed that the mysterious artist hailed from Mexico, but he revealed today that it is actually a new side project with his good friend Jantsen.

The remix is an awesome example of the beauty that can come from artists remixing their own songs. The future bass track keeps the hip-hop vibes and embraces the vocals of the original track and pairs them with upbeat drops, floating synths, and dirty bass.

According to Jantsen, "LOCOJA is the gloves-off, no rules, no hesitation, no limits, creative project of longtime collaborators Bassnectar & Jantsen," and if this remix is indicative of the type of music they plan on creating, their future releases will be awesome. Listen to their remix below, and download it for free!

Download the remix for free: https://soundcloud.com/bassnectar/bassnectar-jantsen-lost-in-the-crowd-ft-fashawn-zion-i-locoja-remix

Cover photo credit: Rukes

Written by Rowan Epstein

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