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EDM.com Spotlight

The Chainsmokers Shocked Their Fans With An Elaborate Halloween Skit

In preparation for their performance at Escape: All Hallow's Eve, the Chainsmokers designed an ingenious and frightening Halloween prank for their dedicated fans. 5 Twitter followers were given the opportunity to meet the duo for dinner in NYC, but before going out they had to meet up at Alex's old apartment, which was unknowingly overdone with everything you could expect in a serial killer's domain - plastic sheets, blood puddles, and knives, axes, and hammers were all scattered throughout the apartment, and as each fan was brought to the room, they were greeted by Alex who was dressed up as a masked mad scientist with a freakish tool for his victims.

Watch as each fans gets their "spook" from Alex and Andrew in this hilarious Halloween prank!

[H/T: Insomniac]

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