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From Gloving to Shuffling: Best Dance Tutorials

We explored EDM's most diverse dance styles

One of the most unique aspects of dance music culture is undoubtedly the diverse selection of dance styles involved. Whether you like to just let loose or seek a more advanced form of expression, there are a number of recognized methods in self-expression that have developed exclusively in our scene. Whether they be more dance-oriented like liquid dancing and shuffling or require the use of props such as hooping or poi, we have compiled a list of what we have found to be the most helpful video tutorials for each craft. Hopefully these tutorials will give you a good grasp on the fundamental steps behind performing each style!


Historians believe humans has been "hooping" since 500BCE, and it has found its way from Ancient Greece straight into the heart of EDM. There are great tutorials for hooping to be found on GemGen 101’s YouTube page. She covers everything including the type of hoop to choose, some basic moves like waist-hooping, and even maintenance when you're travelling with a hoop.

When you get frustrated in your pursuit to hooping perfection, remember that hooping like this did not happen overnight:


Originating from the Maori people of New Zealand, poi is an old and respected art form that has also found its way into the EDM scene.

One of the best types of tutorials for learning poi is via Playpoi. The beginner series serves as a fantastic crash course that can be completed at your own pace and is full of an entertaining cast. There are 6 ‘units’ to the entire series, ensuring that all the basics are covered before moving on to more advanced techniques.

Eventually, you might be even be able to poi like this guy:


Emazing Lights is a company that specializes in gloving and light show equipment. They also produce a number of tutorials on YouTube that do a thorough job in introducing beginners to the art of gloving before delving into more advanced techniques. Emazing Lights also has an app where you have access to the tutorials, allowing you to practice anywhere that you have a phone and internet connection. For a solid foundation, some glovers suggest beginning with finger rolls before transitioning to liquid rolls, flails and whips.

Finger Rolls

Liquid Rolls

Tutting is another technique that also stands alone as its own type of creative performance, originating from the 70’s dance scene as seen here.

Although you won’t start out being as good as this guy:

Start out with some beginner tutorials such as the one below and you’ll surely make your way up the skill ladder.

In addition to these few highlighted videos, you can access the rest of Emazing Lights’ tutorials here.


Shuffling is the type of dance I wish I could master, because it looks so smooth and impresses virtually everyone who witnesses you doing it. One of the most watched beginner’s tutorials for shuffling on YouTube belongs to Edward Luna, who does well in explaining the very basics of shuffling verbally before showing the physical steps:

With 13 million views, it seems as if more than a few people found this tutorial to be helpful. With time and practice, you will definitely get the hang of this fun type of dance. For inspiration, check out this awesome video of girls getting their shuffle on at school.

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