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EDM.com Spotlight

Eventbrite Ranks 10 Most Popular Music Venues Among Millenials

With EDM quickly gaining more control over the club scene, more EDM-centric nightclubs and venues are starting to spring up. Clubs like Marquee and Hakkasan in Las Vegas and Pacha in New York have all established themselves as some of the biggest and best clubs in the country. 

Today, ticket selling company Eventbrite published a survey concerning the most buzzed about music venues by millennials, who, more or less, dominate the club scene. Pairing with research company Mashwork, the two companies aggregated over 12.5 million mentions of music venues, and a staggering 43% of these mentions came from millennials, firmly establishing the 18-34 age group as the most important group to target.

What did they find? Millennials focus on experience, as Eventbrite noted that 78% of millennials that they polled would rather spend money on an experience opposed to a physical product. For millenials, not only is the venue important, but the performer is equally important. In the graph below, you can see that eight of the top 10 most mentioned venues are clubs, and most of the chatter surrounding these venues are due to the DJs that are headlining. Millennials discussing these top ten venues are 15 times more likely to mention EDM, only solidifying dance music’s claim as the music of this young generation.

And finally, perhaps the most important finding by Eventbrite and Mashwork was that 34% of all conversations between millennials regarding music venues relate to image and status - a surprising trend. As EDM becomes more and more popular in the club scene, it’s become more and more important to be seen in these top venues, drawing attention away from the performers and towards the club attendees.

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