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EDM.com Spotlight

Shank Aaron Unveils 'EDM.com Dubstep Volume 4' Mix

Shank Aaron ruins everything

Thoroughly entertaining dubstep mixes are definitely not as readily available as they used to be. Perhaps it is because the genre has slowly slipped out of the spotlight, or maybe we can attribute it to the fact that most musicians rather compile an EP/album as opposed to a comprehensive mix. Whatever the reasoning behind the shift, Shank Aaron clearly never received the memo.

Volume 4 of our dubstep mix series is something extra special. Containing 25 tracks in total, Mr. Aaron carefully traverses his way through a wide variety of bass music bangers. To kick things off, an introduction littered with post-party voicemails casually transitions into some Dodge & Fuski. From there on out, popular releases from producers like Eptic, Habstrakt, & Bear Grillz encompass your ears entirely. Do yourself a favor and grab this fatty mix for free - all you have to do is follow Shank Aaron on SoundCloud.

Below, you will find a copy of the mix itself, as well as the tracklist. We hope that you enjoy this latest installment to our thriving dubstep mix series.

1. Dodge & Fuski - Cat & Mouse
2. Barely Alive - Real World ft. Diamond Eyes (Ray Volpe Unofficial VIP Remix)
3. Bone N Skin – Monsta
4. Barely Alive - Sell Your Soul ft. Jeff Sontag (Eptic Remix)
5. Dodge & Fuski - Killer Bees [EDM.com Premiere]
6. Eptic - Dimension 7
7. Shank Aaron & Tyro – Crazy
8. Dirt Monkey & Shank Aaron - Cardiff Stomp
9. AFK & Jantsen - Shake That
10. Dirt Monkey - Bussitup VIP [EDM.com Premiere]
11. Habstrakt - Forward [EDM.com Premiere]
12. LoBounce & Flinch – Swashbuckle
13. Notixx - Feelin Me [EDM.com Exclusive]
14. Shank Aaron - Throw Them Dubs Up
15. Arthur White - The Fade (Bone N Skin Remix) [EDM.com Premiere]
16. Culprate – Animal
17. Bommer & Crowell - Yasuo [EDM.com Premiere]
18. Linz Prag - Destiny [EDM.com Premiere]
19. Init - Full Power [EDM.com Premiere]
20. Mitis - Oasis ft. Crywolf (Bear Grillz Remix) [EDM.com Exclusive]
21. Linz Prag - Space Junkie [EDM.com Premiere]
22. Datsik - Automatic (Bear Grillz Remix)
23. Trampa – Jam Rock
24. Eptic – The End
25. Dack Janiels - Deathwish ft. Owlgreen [EDM.com Exclusive]

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