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10 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 33

This collection of dirty drops needs to be outlawed worldwide.

How are all of you wonderful human beings doing out there in dubstep paradise? Volume 33 of our weekly celebration brings out some of the most grotesque drops that we have had the privilege of featuring yet. I honestly cannot recall a previous edition of this segment that included this many talented up-and-comers in the dance music industry. There is a ton of new music to process below, so we are taking off the training wheels and letting you ride this one out on your own. Good luck.

10. MONXX - Do It Like

Can all of my JPhelpz junkies please form a single file line? Thanks for your cooperation, it will certainly help expedite the inevitable execution process. When the upstart duo of MONXX first entered my ear’s airspace, I was immediately taken aback by the foul and filthy noises emerging from my sound system. Trust me, after you get a taste of “Do It Like,” you will be hooked forever. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Held together with bouncy pulsations and hard-hitting percussion, this incensed track packs some serious heat. Stay on the lookout for more new MONXX, because I absolutely love what I have heard thus far.

9. Creation - Satchmo The Great

If I had known that Creation was making a return visit this week, I would not have even bothered taking a shower. What is the point anymore? By the time I finish scraping off all of the grime from the previous week, I just get bombarded with an entire new batch of dirt-nasty bass music. Coming in hot off the successful release of his Rorschach EP, Creation turned right back around and put out another brand new EP. Out of the five tunes on the Johnny 5 EP, “Satchmo The Great” presented our segment with some of its most unique drops to date. In this particular instance, dirty does mean crazy. And when a producer consciously makes the decision to include a trumpet in a dubstep banger, they are definitely venturing outside of the box. Having said that, Creation hits a grand slam with this gritty grinder of a track.

8. Spag Heddy & Anna Yvette - Hide (Evilwave Remix)

There has been an Evilwave sighting in the area, can all patrons please remain calm and evacuate the premises in an orderly fashion. The quicker we get things under control, the quicker we can all feel safer about our chances for survival. Following up the release of his collaborative EP with Tim Ismag (Reggae Lights EP), this fresh force on the dubstep circuit went to work on constructing the largest remix of his career. In some regards, it is almost ironic (if not humorous) that he chose to revise a Spag Heddy slammer. Because if there are two names that have drawn comparisons to Evilwave, they are easily EH!DE and Spag Heddy. His remodeling of “Hide” depends on a pair of drops that have no reservations about thoroughly demolishing your aural cavities. Order your hearing aids now, because when this song wraps up, you will definitely need them.

7. Crystal Skies - Continuum (Ft. Oneira)

Next to T-Mass, it would be very difficult to point out a producer making more of an impact on the melodic dubstep world than Crystal Skies. The duo has kept themselves incredibly occupied during their 2014 campaign and they have shown no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Most recently, the two-man squad put out their hotter-than-lava Continuum EP. Made up of three tunes in total, I did not even have to listen to the resounding title track twice before inducting it into our weekly countdown. If these stunning drops do not get your blood pumping and pulse racing, then you might want to check and make sure you are not in a coma. Keep your eyes on the skies, Crystal Skies that is.

6. QUEST! - Mythril

The similarities between early MUST DIE! and 17-year old QUEST! are nothing short of ridiculously uncanny (even down to the all caps and exclamation point). Seriously though, just sit back and listen for a moment. I dare you to tell me that you do not hear it. Yeah, just as I thought, you cannot bring yourself to do it. And who can blame you? MUST DIE! has quickly become one of dubstep’s biggest success stories, so of course other producers will look to emulate his absurdly addictive style. Even Zomboy and Skrillex have been caught red-handed trying to impersonate him. So when a lesser-known musician like QUEST! hops up into the spotlight, I’m forced to highlight the undeniable resemblance. Built upon a sturdy foundation of screeching synths and relentless bass, the drops in “Mythril” senselessly murder every innocent pedestrian standing in their path. I just pray that the sight of blood does not make you queasy, because this tune is straight carnage.

5. Tarro - Flashpoint (EH!DE Remix)

EH!DE doubled down on his EDM.com exclusives last week, and I for one, could not be any happier. It is not everyday that I get dealt two new tracks from one of my favorite producers in the dubstep game - and while I do not have a single negative word to say about his remix of Spag Heddy’s “Hide,” his rework of Tarro’s “Flashpoint” was the obvious contender for this week’s lineup. In today’s world of dirty drops, sometimes the creativity aspect is lacking. I cannot even tell you how many times I hear a song with identical drops. And while that does not necessarily make a track any better or worse, it always leads me to question the producer’s intentions. Well, have no fear, because EH!DE avoids that whole kit and caboodle. Utilizing his wealth of experience, he churns out two drastically different drops for your listening pleasure – while simultaneously taking some not-so-subtle shots at “Terror Squad.” Its all fun and games until EH!DE completely eviscerates your eardrums.

4. HELP7 - Betta Bounce

Settling nicely into our #4 spot, HELP7 is a producer that is gradually navigating his way to the top of the dubstep food chain. With a couple of banging tracks already stockpiled in his collection, the Canadian composer now appears more prepared than ever to take things to the next level. The riddim craze has hardly gone unnoticed as of late, and musicians like this one have done everything in their power to capitalize on the heavy bass music movement. Sure, “Betta Bounce” might not showcase drops that cave in your skull or rip your body in half, but that by no means detracts from this dubstep powerhouse of a tune. Remember, slow and steady always wins the race. HELP7 clearly knows his way around a nasty drop or two.

3. 12th Hour & Code: Pandorum - Apocalypse

This is one of those collaborations that is not afraid to shove your face into a puddle of mud. Take it from me, if you think that 12th Hour & Code: Pandorum give two shits about your well-being, then you are sorely mistaken. Having opened up our arms to the latter over the past few months, it came as a bonus when I realized that I would be able to include 12th Hour in this week’s recap as well. These two masters of everything maniacal cranked out a couple drops that are dead set on dousing your eardrums in lighter fluid and tossing a match on top. Something tells me that you are going to need a lot more than a fire hose to quell the surging flames from “Apocalypse.” Prepare to be reduced to ashes when this 12th Hour & Code: Pandorum flamethrower torches your entire body.

2. Ajapai - Get Wild

When Ajapai puts out new music, there is a 99.9% chance that it will find a loving home here at dirty drop central. “Get Wild” may not have had the firepower to make it all the way to our #1 position, but it was damn close. Adopting a similar sound to Protohype, this producer’s latest destructive force is on an unprecedented warpath. Some of you will blindly believe that any individual can stomach dubstep drops this grimy, but please do not fool yourself - because that could turn out to be a potentially fatal oversight. Ajapai has always been a premier name in heavy bass music, but nothing you have heard from him previously can properly equip you for the bloodbath that lies ahead. Close your eyes, open your ears, and let your body lose all control.

1. Dr. Ozi - Blackout (OmegaMode Remix)

This new OmegaMode remix is about to cut off the power to the entire universe. As if Dr. Ozi did not do enough damage when they dropped the original, this rising star edits “Blackout” like a total expert. Now, one dubstep drop is alright. Two drops have become the standard. Three drops are always a treat. And four drops, well that is just something you do not hear everyday. However, there are rare occasions when four drops come into play, and this just so happens to be one of them. I have never been one to value quantity over quality, but when they come bundled together in the same package, it is a win-win situation for every party involved. The raunchy drops in this OmegaMode revamp are guaranteed to leave stains on your speakers that will never come out - not even with all the elbow grease in the world. You might want to consider hiring some maids to deal with the mess generated from this dubstep pigsty.

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