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EDC Las Vegas 2014 Had A $337.8 Million Economic Impact

Electric Daisy Carnival went from being pushed out of Los Angeles after their 2010 festival to quickly becoming one of the darlings of the state of Nevada. It has been a boon to Nevada's economy, bringing in more and more money each year. Last year, the festival had a massive economic impact of $278 million. This year, Insomniac's festival had a whopping $337.8 million economic impact. Over the past four years, EDC has had a total economic impact of $959 million.

Beacon Economics generated this year's economic impact report, which was commissioned by Insomniac. Their estimates were pulled from attendee surveys and Insomniac-originated data. They put together a nifty infographic to help explain their conclusion. Check it out below.

[H/T: Your EDM]

Cover photo credit: aLIVE Coverage

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